The Importance of Eye Exams for Children #SeeMuchMore @VSPVisionCare

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Life shouldn’t be blurry – don’t kids know that? You would think that it’s common sense….but the problem is, kids don’t know things are blurry if that’s what they are used to! Do you know how I know that? Because I was one of those kids. I don’t know how long things were blurry for me….in fact I didn’t even realize that my vision was blurry. In 5th grade I just remember not being able to see….almost anything. Something literally had to be about 8 inches from my face in order for me to see it. I guess I just figured that everyone had this problem. Perhaps I was just too busy having fun and being a kid to really think twice about it. It made it impossible to function at school and my teacher soon began to notice that I literally had to put my head almost smack dab on the chalkboard to read what she wrote for our homework. Soon after my mom carted me off to get an eye exam. I had NO idea what I wasn’t seeing……until I put on my first pair of glasses. It was absolutely AMAZING – I couldn’t believe how BAD my vision was and how severely it had affected me. That’s why I have partnered with VSP to share the importance of getting annual eye exams for your kids.

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By the time my children turned 2 years old, or could fully communicate with us, I made it a very important goal to have their eyes checked on a regular basis. And I don’t regret it – even if they don’t need glasses currently. If you have any concern at all about your child’s eyes or anything abnormal about it take your kids to the eye doctor!! My son used to do this weird winking thing when he was a baby and would drink out of a bottle so I made an appointment to have him seen. It wasn’t serious but did make him at high risk for certain other diseases so now we made sure to have him checked every year.

Children learn SO much by doing….and seeing – your child’s vision is SO important! Here’s a great list of resources and tips about checking your child’s vision. And not just your children’s vision but your own vision!! When I turned 18 years old I actually had LASIK surgery since I was not very good as a teenager about taking care of my contacts. And my husband uses glasses for night driving. This may sound archaic but, you only have one pair of eyes – you need to take care of them!

Did you know that eye doctors can actually detect early signs of things like diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol, and more? Trust me – even if your kids have in-school screenings it’s only that….a screening. It is not a comprehensive eye exam. It just helps to screen kids for obvious issues. 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem that can negatively impact their learning. Maybe your child squints a lot, has trouble focusing, complains of headaches, or just is always rubbing their eyes – it’s common signs of vision problems!

VSP Vision Care offers vision insurance and saves the average VSP member about $320 every year! You can find highly credentialed doctors who provide thorough exams as well as have access to hundreds of styles and brands to choose from for eyeglasses. I live in the middle of nowhere (not kidding – there are 26 houses in my town!) and there is even a VSP doctor within 15 minutes of me!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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