Entering the Cricket Spitting Contest

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In addition to the Bug Petting Zoo (see yesterday’s post) which we visited at MOSI’s Bug exhibit- we were also given the opportunity to enter the “Cricket Spitting Contest”. When we walked into the exhibit I thought “Surely these are not real crickets!” How very wrong I was……….

Indeed, when we walked over to the “Cricket Spitting Area”, my son was handed a small cup with a dead cricket- a REAL dead cricket! The object of the game? To see how far you can spit the cricket! Seriously! It was quite a riot! I thought for sure that my son would have no problem chomping on bugs, but when we handed him the cup o’ cricket- he looked at his dad and said he couldn’t put the cricket in his mouth because “Dad- I might puke.” Haha!

With a little coaxing, however, my son decided to play along!

And he’s a winner! Harry the Praying Mantis helped my son celebrate his victory!

His prize? His very own set of bug antennaes!!

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  1. The Teacher's Wife says:

    LOL- no I thought about it though!

  2. Really?? Spitting real dead crickets?? Oh my goodness what an experience! Did you try yourself??

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