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Ok guys, I KNOW each and every one of you have a hero in your life and in your community! Maybe it’s that teacher who has made a life-changing difference in their students lives. Or perhaps it’s a police officer, EMS worker, or firefighter keeping their community safe each day. Maybe it’s a nurse, doctor, military, volunteer, etc. There are SO many unsung heroes in a world and Murphy-Goode Winery wants to hear about it! Nominate your hero by submitting a photo and short essay. Each month a hero will receive a $500 donation to a favorite charity as well as a matching donation to Operation Homefront. PLUS one grand prize hero will win a 4th of July BBQ in their hometown sponsored by Murphy-Goode and catered by their Grill Sergeant.

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Sitting down and thinking about people that have made an impact in my life and in their community I was surprised at how many amazing workers I came up with out there! My brother is a police officer and I couldn’t be prouder of him and his calling to the force. My doctor is an amazing woman who goes above and beyond a normal doctor relationship – she even saw in my medical files a note from a different doctor that I was pregnant and called simply to congratulate me! My mother in law was a nurse for many years and spent many sleepless nights providing for her family and gently caring for elderly people who had no one else to care about. I think of my husband who wants nothing more in life than to change the lives of his students and have helped countless children through their disabilities strive to reach their fullest potential.

In my childhood I am always drawn back to one specific teacher who encouraged and shaped my desire and love for science – and that was my middle school science teacher. And let me tell you – she had some rough kids in middle school – I don’t know how she did it! But she was amazing and captivated even the kids who didn’t really care for school. Everything was hands on and everything taught us a lesson. I was always a science nut growing up but after taking her class it really shaped my strong desire for hands-on learning and education through activities and experiments – not just by sticking your nose in a book.

SO make sure you check out Murphy-Goode on Facebook and enter their “A Few Goode Heroes” contest and give your hero a voice!

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