Simple Winter Die Cut Project Ideas for Teachers & Schools

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 I received some die cuts to use for this post. All opinions are my own.

Excited chatter has been going through the hallways at our school. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone the festive winter decorations are coming out!! Ellison Education sent us a few die cuts to go with our AllStar SuperStar machine and let me tell you – the teachers have been busy busy using them! Piles and piles of scrapbooking paper have magically appeared in our storage room next to the die cut machine as projects have been created.

Since the teachers were already busy creating their own projects for their classrooms I decided to spruce up the school office just a bit. I started with the Sizzix Bigz Die Christmas Tree and used both scrapbooking paper, colored printer paper, and construction paper. Pretty much whatever was sitting in the paper scrap bin!

We have to be resourceful when it comes to school don’t we! 🙂 I actually used both the Christmas tree that was cut out as well as the “surrounding” paper that was “scrap” and glue on a piece of paper to the back of it in a separate color. You could easily turn these into some pretty cute holiday cards, but I decided to make a small garland out of them to hang in the school office doorway.

Look how cute it turned out!!

One of the most popular dies with the teachers was the Christmas Ornament die. Although for our student’s privacy I’m not going to share a picture one of classrooms had the kids decorate their ornament with their names on it and pasted a picture of each child in the middle of the ornament! You could easily laminate it and send it home to the parents for gifts from their children.

I thought it would be fun to decorate the principal’s door with it so I cut out enough ornaments to spell “PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE”, wrote each letter using a bottle of liquid glue, and then sprinkled glitter on the letters to make them stand out more. It was SO incredibly simple but really made the office area look more festive!

I also added a few ornaments on his door too! Another idea one of the teachers wanted to use these ornament dies for was to staple 25 styrofoam cups onto a bulletin board, add inside each cup a Bible verse or piece of candy, and then paste a paper ornament on the outside of the cup. Each day a student could poke a hole through the cup and pull out whatever was hid inside!

And how cute are these Sizzix Bigz Die Snowman and hat sets!


I just used a blue printer paper to cut out the snowmen, and then used markers to quickly turn the arms brown, the nose orange, and the hat black!

snowman Collage

I just taped them across the office door for a little extra festivity, but if I had time I would have made a large bulletin board with 25 snowmen, all numbered 1-25 and created an advent calendar countdown out of them!

Purchase Ellison Die Cut supplies here!

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  1. Sara Borbon says:

    I love the badges!!! I could totally use those in my classroom!

    1. Patt Hilmer says:

      Apple and Worm!

      1. Patt Hilmer says:

        Punched snowflakes out of scrape laminating film, had kids write one holiday word on one and make a “face” on another, and hung them up on our windows.

  2. Sara Borbon says:

    I am working on Homemade Cards using a Sihlouette Cameo for the first time! Wish me luck! 😉

  3. gloria wilson says:

    not much time for much else but the projects for the school kids

  4. Nicole Cox says:

    Our school has been praying for an Ellison Die Cut machine, but it’s just not in the budget right now. This would be such a blessing!

  5. Love the ornament die – so many uses for it!

  6. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I like the Oval Frame Die

  7. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I have been making blankets

  8. the scallop card

  9. a scarf

  10. Gloria Wilson says:

    sissix bigz die ribbons

  11. Connie Cheney says:

    I am making homemade Christmas cards and this would really make my craft FUN!!!!!!!

  12. I would love to add these to our die cut collection

  13. I think the Language Link Puzzle is pretty great! I used to cut out things just like this (and not even as nice!) for my classroom by hand…

  14. Which one is my favorite?!?! There are soooo many too choose from. I would LOVE to have this for my classroom. I really like the basic shapes, hearts and stars, but saw you could make such a cute star nameplate as well. I also really like their card and envelope dies as well. What a fun way to introduce letter writing and have the students be able to make their very own cards to send off. I’m a teacher in Missouri and our die cut selection really isn’t the greatest, so I am usually free handing a bunch of templates which of course are not perfect. This would be an awesome addition to my class/school!

  15. I love the lower case letter die cut set. That would be so useful in the classroom!

  16. I like to make cards and the scalloped card die is very neat.

  17. Trying to come up with a DVD of my tots when they were babies. They love to watch themselves and I thought it’d be a neat gift.

  18. I didn’t know Ellison had so many products. I could definitely use some of these in my classroom!!!

  19. Love the ornament die!

  20. We are making ornaments with the students’ pictures on them. We are also writing our own version of The Gingerbread Boy to record.

  21. Love the ornament die.

  22. This looks like a great product!

  23. I’m having my special education students help me decorate our classroom door. The project gets a but messy, but it is really fun. I really like the ornament die!

  24. Would love to have in my classroom!

  25. Caryl VanFleet says:

    Would live this as I use die cuts to creat games and teaching materials. Oh I hope I get lucky!

  26. You this would be awesome!!

  27. I love the Xmas tree, especially as right now I want to use paint chips to cut out the trees for a bulletin board algebra idea in my classroom.

  28. Love Ellison

  29. Sandy Ibarra says:

    I would love to win this to use in my classroom & at home!

  30. I liked the scalloped card die

  31. I love the tree die. I would love to have a book die!

  32. Cynthia Pigg says:

    I love the Puzzle#3 die. We could use this so many ways all year!

  33. I am just beginning to experiment with my crafty side. I would like to start making homemade decorations with my son.

  34. Alicia shapiro says:

    Oh this is cute ! I could do projects with my 3 boys and my K class

  35. Cynthia Pigg says:

    I have only had my classroom for a year so I am working on projects for all the holidays esp. borders for my larger boards. We are working on a Tree of Life just now and Christmas things.

  36. Kristina M says:

    I love the science 6 piece die set. The little beakers and test tubes are just to die (lol) for!!

  37. Jennifer L. Flores says:

    This is great! I would love it.

  38. The snowflake is so cute!

  39. Liz Brown says:

    I love using the Christmas Tree and snowflake die cuts so my kids can decorate gift bags. Inside is the ornament with a picture of each child. I also use one of the bookmarks and give to each child as a gift from me. hint, hint

  40. Sweet! Thanks!

  41. Michelle thiele says:

    I love love love it ALL!!!!

  42. I love using the snowflake and snowman die cuts during my theme on winter. The Christmas tree and ornament die cuts are great to use, as well.

  43. Jacki Blackerby says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have wanted on but unable to afford one. Glad I got to enter to try to win one.

  44. Amanda Purchase says:

    I love the ornaments and the 3-d snowflake die! The bookmarks are awesome also, So many great ideas running through my head!

  45. I love the 3D dinosaurs!!! They are soo cool

  46. Christine Rhodes says:

    Holiday crafts with my third graders and my two year old.

  47. We don’t have any type of die cut machine in our school! I know if I won it would be a huge blessing!

  48. Kim Peters says:

    Looks like a cool machine. Love the dye cuts.

  49. Sara Esqueda says:

    I love the snowflakes, hearts, and stars sets.

  50. I like the holiday dies especially the menorah

  51. We made menorahs out of popsicle sticks for Hanukkah

  52. The new ribbon die cut would be awesome!

  53. Gonna make Christmas cards!

  54. I can see using these (10196) Open House Bags all year long in my classroom. Great giveaway!

  55. We are working on lots of holiday cards. 🙂

  56. Christina Collinsworth says:

    I love the shapes die cuts!! Saves so much time cutting!

  57. Making gift tags and cards!

  58. Melissa Cloud says:

    I love the snowman!

  59. Shannon Wyckoff says:

    Hearts & stars…basic shapes so everyone could use them more.

  60. Shannon Wyckoff says:

    Iditarod table toppers for the musher’s banquet! We are making dogs!

  61. Judy King says:

    I love the little snowmen!

  62. There are so many reasons why this would be perfect for our classroom the projects we could make would be unstoppable!

  63. Toni Nicholson says:

    Would love these. Sizzix Bigz Die – Caption Boxes #2

  64. I would love to use this in my classroom!

  65. Tuwana Liddell says:

    I love the cell reproduction die cut#1.

  66. I love the snowman die! What fun for the kids to decorate!

  67. The preschoolers always make several tree decorations and a present for their parents. For the tree, we’ve made handprint Santas so far. Still deciding what others we will make and checking out pinterest for ideas for the gifts for parents!

  68. I love all of your products. Really could use the ornament one.

  69. We are making bead candy canes, cupcake liner wreaths and craft stick Christmas trees.

  70. Cynthia C. says:

    I used one of these while student teaching and loved it!!! I have yet to be lucky enough to have one in the building I teach in now. I would feel blessed to win this for my school!!

  71. Love the snowman.

  72. We are making Christmas cards to give to the residents at a local senior/assisted living facility.

  73. I love the snowman, the frames, and the 3-d shapes!

  74. I have my class write about holiday traditions and we will also be making ourselves in a snow globe.

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