A Die Cut Machine Review: Ellison AllStar SuperStar Machine Review

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Oh boy oh boy have I been busy and I’ve got a REAL treat for you! We have partnered with Ellison Education to feature one of a teacher’s favorite things – a die cut machine! But not JUST for teachers and not just ANY die cut machine – this is their Ellison AllStar SuperStar machine and it is PERFECT for scrapbookers, small schools, homeschoolers, and it is completely portable! Not to mention extremely affordable!

Ellison Education AllStar SuperStar Die Machine

We have a very small school, 54 kids from K-8 which means a small budget. In fact just last month the teachers were dreaming over the idea of a die cut machine but we all knew that it just wasn’t in the school budget – I had NO idea that Ellison Education had such an affordable and portable one!! Their Β AllStar SuperStar Machine is UNDER $100!! And most of the die prices run $10 & up! It was the winner for the Learning Magazine 2011 Teacher’s Choice award and I LOVE not only how portable it is (did I mention that it’s easily portable??) but that it can also handle both small and long dies.

If you are new to die cut machines let me tell you quickly how to use this one – I am currently also working on a YouTube video that I will link to the post once I have it up and running. You’ll need the machine, a cutting pad, and a die along with your paper for your project. On a flat surface you’ll lay one of the cutting pads, the die, then your paper, and another cutting pad on top. You simply push it through the machine while turning the handle and voila – it cuts out your shape!

Ellison Education die cut Machine

Ellison sent us a fabulous collection of dies to use – here are a few of them:

Ellison Diecut 3D Shapes

3D shapes – I could spend a LOT of time here – I was absolutely blown away with how many 3D dies Ellison had to offer. I want them all!! From 3D Farm Animals, 3D Teepees, Geometric shapes, snowflakes, envelopes, cards and more it’s just amazing! (GREAT options for scrapbooking!)

We chose to go with the 1″ 3D Cube die and the 3D Cylinder die which are also available in larger versions. The perforations that the die adds onto the paper is absolutely perfect! It is extremely easy to fold and create without tearing and small enough the students can do them at their desks.

Earth Book Ellison die

One of my favorite dies for versatility is Ellison’s Book, Earth Cover long die. You DO need have a long cutting pad for this one but you can do SO much with this book die!! You can create it with the earth perforations for Earth Day and recycling lessons, or you can just use the solid cover of the book and turn it into a zillion other projects for your students from life cycles, letter books, reading prompts and more!

If you use it for the Earth book it’s really a perfectly made product. Again like the 3D shapes the perforations are SO easy to tear out. In the photo above you can see that I tried making our books both with a sheet of craft foam (my favorite!) and just construction paper. I also used cut regular notebook paper to include inside the book but if you are using it as a drawing book you could just use construction paper. If the kids are gluing things like leaves inside you can even use foam sheets!

Ellison Die Solar System

Right now at our school the absolute favorite die is this Solar System die set. It seems all of our grades are getting ready to launch into their solar system lessons and the teachers are already scheming of ways to use this die! From creating solar system mobiles to student books and bulletin boards this set is really creating a buzz right now! They even mentioned making a solar system craft party so they could all work on their projects together!

Ellison Die Solar System Project

You can see all of the details and specs on the product page but I specifically wanted to point out some of the planets you see above and the perforations on them! I love the attention to detail on this die!

Ok – don’t laugh, I’ll admit, I am NOT super crafty or big into scrapbooking – but I did this next project just to spark a few ideas for you!

Ellison Diecut AllStar Machine

There are many different bookmark die products from Ellison but we chose this Plain Bookmark dieΒ for it’s versatility. Β I know how teachers pull from all of the resources they can and re-use things! I laminated mine so they would last longer.

There is a pre-cut mark that you can use an xacto knife or scissors to cut through the laminate or simply leave it the way it is. You could even punch a hole through the top and tie a small piece of ribbon on it as well. I’m sure many of you could make them look MUCH prettier than mine but here are a few ideas you can use with these:

holiday themed & gift bookmarks
classroom passes

reading logs/tracker
create your own
group projects
mini pocket-sized flashcards
prize box rewards

WeΒ are also in the process of using this long Fraction Strips die and this one as well which are both on sale at the time of this post. And I wanted to quickly point you to one other very versatile die that we are in the process of using which is the Ellison Square Frames die.

I’ve shown you a few of the fun projects you can use this for but I wanted to make sure I let you know what I think about the product specifically. Honestly – I don’t know how it could be a better product. It’s absolutely fantastic, very good quality, and extremely durable.

After prolonged use you will need to purchase new sets of cutting pads but you can use all sides of them for your projects to rotate it’s usage and they are really affordable. The size of the machine itself is perfect for storage.

Our school office doesn’t have a lot of extra room so we actually store this machine in a box underneath the table that holds our laminator and the teachers just bring it out as needed. This also makes it an ideal machine for scrapbookers. The price is extremely competitive and if I realized that Ellison sold such an affordable die cut machine earlier we would have already purchased it for our school.

Purchase Ellison Education Die Cut supplies here!

I was not compensated for this review. I received the above products to use in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really liked the seasons and weather dies — the Christmas ones would be fun for my students to decorate for gifts!

    1. Looks like such a versatile machine. Love it!

    2. Fumika T. says:

      I would use this sooo much in my classroom!!!

  2. Cheryl R. says:

    Love this!

  3. I would use the machine at school — projects for the students, room decorations, etc.

  4. I love the different alphabet cuts

  5. Heather Soucy says:

    I would love to have this die: 25133-LG, Ellison SureCut Die – Bookmarks, Hold It #2 – Large.

  6. Heather Soucy says:

    I would the die cut machine for materials for reading, writing, and math. I could make die-cuts of interest-based items for all content areas.

  7. Joy Menard says:

    I would use it for every subject! At my old school we had the huge one! I could keep this in my classroom!

  8. I really like the alphabet and season die cuts!

  9. I would love to use this machine to make display boards as well as for student projects.

  10. Glenda Ziglar says:

    This would be great to have in my classroom to make student materials.

  11. Glenda Ziglar says:

    Any holiday or seasonal die would be my favorite.

  12. I would love one of this machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Melissa Dobbins says:

    Love Ellison die cuts!

  14. I would use this to help my son learn his shapes and colors and to help create items for my daughter’s teacher/classroom!

  15. Myra Lipsey says:

    I could think of soooo many uses for this. Hope I win!


    have a very small church and this would be wonderful for our church and the teachers. this would benefit them as they make activities for their lesson plans. would help us with the church boards and news letters.thank you
    sue williams

  17. Lorna Miller says:

    Love all of the animal die cuts, but especially the ape!!

  18. Karen Arnold says:

    I would love to have any of the alphabets. I can think of so many uses for the different letters.

  19. I like the puzzle ones. I would use it for school, church and home (triple duty, like most of my things)

  20. Laurel Stone says:

    The Fizz, Boom, Read bookmarks are awesome!

  21. Virginia Ott says:

    WANT! A must have.

  22. Laurel Stone says:

    I would SO use this to make lots of great foldables for my classes!! (And classroom decorations, too!)

  23. I would use the Ellison to cut out letters of students’ names to practice names and letters to make sight words.

  24. I like the bookmark die cuts. It would be nice to make bookmarks for my kiddos.

  25. Christina Collinsworth says:

    I love Ellison diecuts! I have the tangram one and its one of my favorites!

  26. As a first year teacher I would absolutely love to win this prize!!!!!!!

  27. I would love to win this for my school!

  28. I love all the puzzle picture cut outs!

  29. Lisa Braun says:

    I love Ellison products. I would be excited to have the alphabet or numbers! I also love fish shapes or pattern blocks.

  30. Crystal Bryant says:

    I like the bookmark diecuts

  31. I would love this for my classroom! There are so many things I would use it for. I would use shapes, abc’s, numbers. I would make bookmarks and locker tags! I have so many ideas!

  32. rod jackson says:

    fizz boom read glasses and alphabet dies

  33. rod jackson says:

    I would use it for my classroom bulletin boards and vocab words

  34. Candice Psarsky says:

    I would love to win this. We do not have any die cut machines at our school.

  35. So many incredible dies on the Ellison site! Would be great for bulletin boards and decorating the classroom.

  36. cindy rothmann says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Would be soooo nice since I work in two different schools πŸ™‚

  37. Karen Greer says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! The smaller size is perfect for the classroom and we could make everything!!! I especially like the earth.

  38. Amy Marler says:

    I teach at a small rural school in Wyoming. This would come in quite handy for projects and bulletin boards for all our teachers!

  39. I love the alphabet cuts…I can think of so many uses!!

  40. Megan Storm says:

    I would use this for pretty much anything! I do not have a very crafty bone in my body and this would help me so much!

  41. I would also love to win this machine for my school. We do not have one available to us. I teach in an urban district and this would help is make beautiful inviting bulletin boards. :-).

  42. I’d do crafts with my family.

  43. Paulette Larson says:

    Would use this often for centers, boards and student projects! Our school borrows one and we only get to have it for a week once a year…

  44. This is a great tool. As a new teacher’s assistant, this would come in handy. I would also use it for my scrapbooks!

  45. Amy Lauer says:

    I love the organ die set – perfect for the science classroom!

  46. Shan Hales says:

    I would love to win this! I like to be crafty in my classroom!

    1. Shan Hales says:

      I love all of them!

  47. Nacole McDuffy says:

    I would love to win this for my school! We are a very small school on a very limited budget. Our Ellison press is way out-of-date. Please consider our school!

  48. Lisa Knight says:

    Bulletin boards, foldables, classroom activities and projects…I already use the Ellison machine we have at school, but I would love to have one of my own in my classroom to be able to use anytime!

  49. I love the alphabet you are always needing letters to put birthday banners

  50. I would use this for Birthdays and holidays for my daughter and family

  51. Love the holiday and 3-D geometric shapes

  52. Misty Battle says:

    I homeschool my twins, this is perfect. I love the alphabet dies!

  53. I would use it for my classroom and all the school projects my grandchildren need to do.

  54. Angela Powell says:

    I am huge fan of Ellison machines!!! πŸ™‚

  55. I love the 3D shapes and bookmarks and my daughter who is student teaching in PreK is in love with everything it does!

  56. Jessica Lukosavich says:

    I teach mostly math this year so I love the pattern blocks and the 3-d shapes.

  57. Jessica Lukosavich says:

    I would use this for activities in my classroom.

  58. L

  59. I’d love to use this for homeschool crafts!

  60. Great products. Would use them everyday….

  61. Shari McAninch says:

    Would be fun to use in my small group literacy class?

  62. Alison Toaspern says:

    It would get a lot of great use in our kindergarten classrooms!

  63. Bryanna Jones says:

    I would use this for my classroom needs. We do lots of artsy projects and this would cut down on prep. time. πŸ™‚

  64. The school bus would be great!

  65. I would finally be able to make cute decorations for my room!

  66. Hoping to win!

  67. I would love the 23825-LG Ellison Sure Cut Die – Snowflake #4 – Large

  68. I would use it for different student projects and boards

  69. JULIA NOLD says:

    We have a limited budget for our preschool, so this would help us save money and create cute projects.

  70. JULIA NOLD says:

    I LOVE those glasses!!

  71. I love the Ellison die cut! My students and I would benefit from it! It would be used daily especially to make projects to show their parents about what they are learning.

  72. Jennifer Becker says:

    I LOVE Ellison. We have a very old set at my school. If I one this, I’d bring it to school!

  73. Melissa Dobbins says:

    I want one!!! Pick me! πŸ™‚

  74. This is also a paint postcard at Home Depot Broadview, IL.

  75. Lisa Hight says:

    How can I pick just one! The Sizzix Bigz Die Set looks awesome!

  76. Lisa Hight says:

    I something like this being used in a school I was visiting. I loved the ease in which the student, yes student, was making the die cuts! And then I see this post!

  77. Laura Whitlock says:

    I really like the Earth Book Diecut

  78. Shelley P says:

    I love the A10984 Sizzix Bigz XL Die – Border, Snowflake.

  79. Shelley P says:

    I would love this for crafting with the kids and for scrapbooking.

  80. Would love to add this to my supplies!

  81. Sizzix Bigz L Die – Wristbands

  82. Joanne M. says:

    Love all the 3-D shapes! Wish I would have had the Earth die cut when we did our Geography unit!

  83. Joanne M. says:

    This would be great to have at home when prepping lessons.

  84. I really like the alphabet and season die cuts.

  85. I would love the allstar-superstar-machine with the xl clock face and hands die cut to start with.

    1. I would use it when teaching time. It is a great way for students to understand that difficult concept.

  86. I would not only be using this for myself, but would be sharing this with my director and some teachers from other schools. I would be able to make packs for there classes as well as mine. Love sharing.

  87. I love the alphabet dies — would be great for alphabet activities with my preschoolers!

  88. Cheryl Luckie says:

    I love Ellison! I used their dies for YEARS when I was still teaching. Would love to have my own now to use for grandkids and crafts. I love ALL their dies but if I had to choose just one I would choose the tags for all occasions. I need tags all the time and love to make my own vs buying them…so much more personal.

  89. i absolutely love the Earth one, it is awesome, …what a great variety!

  90. Glenda Ziglar says:

    Love the monsters!

  91. Mary Shariat says:

    I love the ladybug!

  92. This is awesome!!

  93. Larissa Walrod says:

    I would love this for my future classroom !

  94. Stephanie Ellegood says:

    The 3D barn is calling my name! Would love to use that with my students!

  95. Love it!

  96. Natalie Durham says:

    I like Literary Elements Journal Cover Ellison die.

  97. Natalie Durham says:

    I like Ellison AllStar Long Die – Book, Open Cover, Page & Bookmark

  98. Natalie Durham says:

    If I won I would teach free crafting classes at my local library in an urban area.

  99. Mary Morrow says:

    I love your products!

  100. Kathy Davis says:

    I like the Duck & Duckling die cut.

  101. Kathy Davis says:

    I would use this for scrapbooking. I am a retired teacher and I used the Ellison machine at school all the time.

  102. Dona Lewis-Pearce says:

    I like the alphabet dies. it would save a whole lot of money on stickers

  103. Terry Penny says:

    I would use this machine a lot. I work as attendance clerk at a Middle School and we decorate the office for all holidays. I help teachers out and do projects for them. I also participate in local fundraiser called “festival of trees” where we decorate Christmas Trees and donate for charity.

  104. Love the Ellison machine. I have used one at school for many years. Love the new die cuts.

  105. Megan Parsons says:

    I would use this for scrapbooking!

  106. Megan Parsons says:

    My favorite is the Ellison SureCut Die – Border, Stars – Double Cut

  107. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the four leaf clover die!

  108. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I’d love to give this to my mom since she still homeschools my little siblings.

  109. sherry butcher says:

    I love the Frankenstein Treat Bag that has so many uses.

  110. sherry butcher says:

    I live in a Sr. retirment home part and we could us this for the activities and groups that meet here at our club house thru the year. The next potluck in Nov. could use a lot of Thanksgiving deco & signage.

  111. Barb Meyer says:

    I use an Ellison machine at school all the time. Would love to have one at home for personal use.

  112. I like the dinosaur activity die

  113. I would use it in my classroom and for scrapbooking.

  114. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I love the Ellison SureCut Die – Soccer Ball #2 – Large.

  115. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I’d probably give this to my daughter who loves scrapbooking and is very creative.

  116. Christine Waddell says:

    I would love any of the alphabet die cuts. I could use them with so many activities with my grandkids.

  117. Christine Waddell says:

    I babysit 2 of my grandkids. I would use it for letter activities to teach them their letters.

  118. Oh love those planets!

  119. Tari Lawson says:

    I like the Sizzix Bigz Die – Puzzle #3.

  120. Maureen G says:

    I think that the Sizzix Bigz Die – Badges are worthwhile. Badges could be created for every subject and activity

  121. I would luv to be able to do die cuts for all kinds of diy & crafts with the kiddos.

  122. I never knew die cut machines have dies that are so complex. The train book die cut would be great for lower elementary teachers to use during a community helpers unit!

  123. Lisa Graham says:

    If I won this set I would donate it to my son’s Kidergarten class. I know they would LOVE this.

  124. Lisa Graham says:

    I like the Ellison SureCut Die Set Family. This would be lots of fun to make people and use them in all sorts of projects.

  125. Cara Bates says:

    This would be perfect for bulletin boards!

  126. I would use this for so much stuff! I would use it to make cut outs for my daughters birthday party, scrapbooking, you name it!

  127. I like the teacher’s favorite die set!

  128. Nancy Broyles says:

    I like the 3D dies and the perforations. For upper level students it allows for. Differentiation.

  129. Love the picture frame! We use it all the time!

  130. The animal dies look interesting — they would be fun to do for the block center.

  131. I like the caption boxes #2 dies.

  132. I would use this for my grandchildren and our church card ministry.

  133. I love the alphabet cuts

  134. I like the 3-D Rocket

  135. Lisa Graham says:

    The Ellison SureCut Die Set – Best Sellers has so many great cuts. This set could be used for so many things all year round.

  136. I love the shape dies and the 3-D shapes!

  137. Michelle Fernandez says:

    I would LOVE this machine!! I have Kinder students and e projects we can do with this would b AWESOME!!!

  138. Celeste C says:

    Our PTA would love this machine to be able to help our teachers even more!!

  139. Jacquelyn says:

    I own a retired Ellison machine. I love it and it is still going strong. Ellison dies are the best!

  140. I love it all!!! The machine looks awesome! And so many wonderful dies to choose from!!! I love the horse dies! But all of them are great!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  141. Donna Siburt says:

    I would love to give this yo my daughter to use with her kids and in her kindergarten class. She is the mom, daughter and teacher who goes above and beyond. She works so hard and has worked so hard to get to be a teacher. She has stumbled, fallen, crawled and made her way. SO proud of her. She enot only decorates her own room, she helps the other teachers be creative also.

  142. Shannon F says:

    What wouldn’t I use this for?! Homeschooling, decorating, greeting cards… You name it! I love the Ellison AllStar Long Die – Border, Rainbows!

  143. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the ‘Nutrition’ 4-Die Set!

  144. michelle laulu says:

    I love all the animal dies!

  145. michelle laulu says:

    I would use this set to make fun things for my kids!

  146. All the dies look great, I don’t know which one to pick! The 3D dies are really neat.
    I work in a Special needs classroom and would use this for the classroom, at home for craft time with my kids, and at church during Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Being portable and small it would be perfect to use where needed. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  147. Love the Solar System set!!!

  148. My school doesn’t have a die machine, I would love to be able to present them with a set up.

  149. Jane Brown says:

    I teach Early Childhood Education and this is a wonderful tool for any classroom.

  150. We haven’t had a new ellison machine since I began working at my school several years ago. It would be great to have one that is so portable! I especially love the solar system dies.

  151. Love the seasonal dies for bulletin boards.

  152. I was introduced to Ellison Machines in college, and still after 12 years of teaching, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!!! I can’t get enough!!!

  153. Karen Erickson says:

    I love the solar system set. Would love the machine and dies for our school. The teachers are always asking me to cut shapes for them with my personal big shot!!

  154. Mia Everette says:

    I like the variety of Science dies available. Our little school only has 60kids, and when we need something cut, we have to go to the public schools resource center and pay to use it. Would be nice to have something, even a little something, so that we can be more self sufficient in terms of cutting.

  155. Becky Butler says:

    I like them all! My favorite would be the Holiday dies.

  156. I belong to a homeschool/playgroup and would use within the group to make projects with our families

  157. I like the alphabet die cuts

  158. Liliana Grijalva says:

    I would also like Book, Earth Cover & Page. I can do so much with this die and my go green unit.

  159. I like the 3-D Teepee die cut

  160. Nancy Broyles says:

    I would use the earth cover! I teach Earth Science and it would be great!

  161. Rebecca W says:

    As a homeschool mom, this would be a very fast way to cut out stuff I need for lessons!

  162. Roberta Harris says:

    This handy machine would be used to create bulletin boards and classroom projects that would be shared with my school staff of 10 teachers.

  163. I would love the 3-D shapes for my special ed students to construct! The more hands on and visual the better they do.

  164. Please I work at a sliding scale school that has never had an ellsion. I have one at one school I worked at, it was great !

  165. Jessica Baker says:

    I would love to win this! As a Pre-K Teacher, the possibilities are endless. I would love to use this to make counting activities, alphabet cards, and number matching activities!

  166. LOVE the 3D stuff!

  167. I would give it to my son’s school.

  168. I love that it’s so portable!

  169. Thanks for sharing a super contest and ideas.

  170. Patty Rutenbar says:

    I have always loved your products for as long as you have had them. . . and that’s a long time as I have taught for a long time! If I won, I would give it to my school since their “original” die cut press is a bit outdated! The die that I like most is the jingle bell.

  171. I like the holiday dies.

  172. I love the bug dies — they would be fun to decorate for Halloween!

  173. Jasmine F. says:

    I like the 3D shapes for nets that I can use in my math lesson plans.

  174. Caroline Anderson says:

    I would use this for my science classes and bulletin boards. I always need new ideas. Being a first year teacher has had some challenges. I would really enjoy the help with using this machine.

  175. I already myself usig these fo rmy kindies
    What a great giveaway!!

  176. Carnie Cullen says:

    I am teaching at a brand new school! We could definitely use this!!! The possibilities are endless!! Thanks for providing this opportunity!

  177. I like the rainbow border die.

  178. Love the tiny die cuts from Ellison!

  179. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the Pumpkin Patch Die!

  180. I’d love to be able to have a surprise giveaway for one of our teachers at an upcoming PD!

  181. I would use this item for all my activities can’t get enough of die cuts I love love love them!!!!

  182. Love the 3D rocket!

  183. I would use this every day! There are so many uses in a first grade classroom. My students would love it!

  184. Shannon Wyckoff says:

    The earth! It would go great with my current unit!

  185. Love it!!! I would really enjoy owning one.

  186. Susan Howard says:

    I like the Ellison SureCut Die – Mask – Double Cut.

  187. Susan Howard says:

    If I won I would use this for projects with my kids!!

  188. I love the Sizzix Bigz Die – Frog #2. My classroom theme is frogs and I spend a lot of money buying frog die cuts to make name tags, games, and decorations. This die would be great!!

  189. I love the alphabet and number dies!

  190. I love the ribbon die cut! I would love to do a breast cancer bulletin board!

  191. Jennifer Williams says:

    What a great selection!! The 3D ones are great!!

  192. Love that it is so portable!!!

  193. I would love one! I teach preschool.

  194. Shayna Kaha says:

    Have you seen the monster pencil topper?!? So perfect for Halloween!

  195. I like the badges dies.

  196. Love the variety of math and science die cuts. Could definitely use any number of them in my classroom!

  197. Love, love, love, to make headings for classroom anchor charts!!

  198. Brenda Aguinaga says:

    I would love to win. I could only imagine all the things I can do for my classroom. I would love to share it with my kindergarten team. They would be very excited if we had this due cut machine.

  199. Michelle J. O'Neil says:

    This machine looks as though it would be very helpful and that it would come to use while getting my Early Education degree!

  200. Rebecca Hodges says:

    I’ve never owned a die-cut machine, but this looks so cool! I could use it at the day care I work at now, or in my future classroom! I love the solar system patterns!!

  201. I LOVE the 3-D dies. ALL of them. I work with students with autism, and this would be super helpful to help them comprehend so many things. I also work in a small school, so this would be perfect to help in all subjects!

  202. I would use this for my school. I work in a title 1 school in nyc with students with autism. This would be perfect to help make things tangible for our students!

  203. This be would an amazing tool to create graphics for math journals!

  204. I like the Boat Die Cut puzzle

  205. Mary Dailey says:

    I like the 23771-LG set

  206. Mary Dailey says:

    I would use it for all occasions and have fun with the grandkids!

  207. I would use this in and out of the classroom! It has fantastic qualities and it’s so much smaller and compact than similar products! <3 LOVE

  208. I like the different alphabet letters

  209. I would use this at school

  210. Kathryn (Katie) Wilson says:

    This would make my high school boards so much easier.

  211. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the Badges Dies!

  212. Love All of Ellison dies especially, 3D, alpha, geo shapes…

  213. Tracy Young says:

    I love the new base 10 blocks die cut!

  214. My preschool kids would love this! Great size for easy storage too!

  215. Kim Russo says:

    So many awesome ideas and wants at Ellison’s I really could go crazy!

  216. Laurie Wilson says:

    My Life Skills class has a greeting card business and it would make things easier. Also I love the books!

  217. I love the all purpose envelope! Great giveaway!

  218. I am always trying to come up with new ideas for bulletin board ideas! I would always be using this in my classroom.

  219. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite is the Ellison SureCut Die Set – Puzzles (4 Die Set) – Large.

  220. I love the 3-D nets! So handy.

  221. I like the bag with handles #2

  222. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the Wristbands Die!

  223. Debbie Barnes says:

    We have nothing like this at our school. Our shapes and things we need we have to cut them by hand! I would use this for bulletin boards, patterns for calendar board, games and more!!!!

  224. lauren knott says:

    I love how you can make wristbands!

  225. I work at a little preschool with a lot of little creative minds. The things that we would be able to do with this are endless!!! We would LOVE to win!! πŸ™‚

  226. kristin sims says:

    i like the caption boxes dies, thanks

  227. Love it! I could use this for a million different things!

  228. I love the alphabet dies!

  229. I like the Western die set

  230. Lisa Graham says:

    The Ellison SureCut Die Set – Holiday #2 is perfect for so many holidays! Can be used all year long.

  231. Diane baum says:

    I would use this with my students to help them learn English.

  232. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the ribbons die. (They look like the breast cancer awareness ribbon)

  233. I would use this for doing preschool with my son.

  234. I like the Rainbows border

  235. I would love the seasons and weather dies

  236. Would love any and all dies! This would be an awesome product to win for our special education assistive technology lab. It would provide our itinerant special education staff with tools that other educators have available throughout the district!

  237. Jeanette DeFriend says:

    I’m just getting into die-cut crafting and love all the possibilities. Thanks for the giveaway.

  238. My son is really into construction equipment right now, so I could see myself using the dump truck and skid loader dies A LOT!!!

  239. I would use it in our homeschool!!

  240. I think we would get a lot of use with the Sizzix Bigz Die – Shapes, Layered #2. Thank you for this BIG giveaway.

  241. I would use the Ellison AllStar machine at home, school, PTA meeting, afterschool program the list is endless. We would make posters, notes, cards, and bulletin boards just to name a few of the things we would use the amazing Ellison AllStar Machine for!!

  242. Ellison SureCut Die – Christmas Combo – Large

  243. I’d use it for scrapbooking.

  244. I like the pumpkin patch die.

  245. I like the
    Sizzix Bigz L Die – Wristbands

  246. Christina says:

    I really like the nets that can be folded into 3-d shapes.

  247. Love Love Love the Ellison SureCut Die Set – Bookmarks #1 (4 Die Set) – Large. Went to a high school book fair with my little ones and the students were making these. They encourage reading and are fun to make.

  248. I have a craft room at home and come up with an art project or craft for my kids everyday. We have art hour at our house each night. The problem is, half the time is spent with me cutting supplies while the kids work on other parts of the craft. If I had this, I would be able to have crafts ready to go and would be able to spend quality time having fun and being creative with my kids.

  249. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love the XL Boat die!

  250. Judy Moody says:

    looks so easy to use nice!

  251. We’d have so much fun with this if we won. We’d be doing lots of paper crafts and gifts!

  252. Sizzix Bigz Die – Caption Boxes #2 is one die I’d love and use a lot!!

  253. JULIA NOLD says:

    Alphabet would come in handy!

  254. Machell Duke says:

    I like the pumpkin patch

  255. Machell Duke says:

    I would use this for school lessons, crafts and decorating.

  256. Kristal Provost says:

    I really like the planets cuts! This machine would make creating scrapbooks for each student keepsake much easier! And since it’s portable- sharing with the other teachers would be easy!

  257. I like the eagle.

  258. I love the monster pencil toppers! I’d use this for my kids’ crafts and card making too!

  259. Pam OLeary says:

    I would use this for scrap booking, gift tags, paper crafts.

  260. Pam OLeary says:

    I love the leaf combo die cut.

  261. Andrina G says:

    I really like the Ellison SureCut Die – Puzzle, Boat – XL.

  262. Kelly Beam Brown says:

    Oooh, I love the large bee cutout. This would be great!

  263. Kelly Beam Brown says:

    If I won, I would use it for my classroom and school.

  264. rebecca boster says:

    Ellison SureCut Die – Owl #1 – Large
    i love this little owl πŸ™‚ bekki

  265. rebecca boster says:

    i would use this for making christmas gift tags πŸ™‚ thanks, beki

  266. melodi mance says:

    Sizzix Bigz L Die – Wristbands

  267. The Frankenstein Treat Bag die is so cute!! I would make all the treat bags for my Kinders!!

  268. Melissa L. says:

    I love the globe one!

  269. I like the goat die!

  270. Cheryl@ Sew Can Do says:

    Make reports/project boards

  271. Cheryl@ Sew Can Do says:

    The Holiday 4 die set

  272. I love the holiday themed ones to help with my scrapbooking

  273. I love the animal dies!

  274. Maureen G says:

    What a hoot! I liked the Ellison SureCut Die – Owl #1 – Large

  275. Ronda Walton says:

    As a 31 year veteran teacher, I love the die cuts of any kind to make projects special and to use with the curriculum. My favorite for past two years were the 4 sizes of fish. I use them on my Number booklets, graphing sheets and pattern practice.

  276. Ronda Walton says:

    I would love the bracelet die for Sight word practice and to make parent reminders at special events and items due at school.

  277. Barb Meyer says:

    I use the 3″ circle die cuts every day. I write High frequency words on them and use them as flash cards. In fact I was instrumental in our school buying a die cut machine for this very reason. Brain research shows that the brain retains information better and longer when information is on a circle rather than a square or rectangle. The brain doesn’t have to process the corners–just the information on the circle.

  278. I love the earth die! It would be a great asset to learning !

  279. I love the seasons/weather dies.

  280. Morgan Worthington says:

    I would be head over heels if I won! I love the 3-d shape cutters! I would use those all the time in math!

  281. I like the Ellison SureCut Die Set – Holiday (Basic Beginnings) (4 Die Set) – Large

  282. I would love to have this for my classroom.

  283. I love the earth book listed above. It would be so neat for my end of the year “Piece of History/Geography” project with my students.

  284. I like the trumpet die–my son plays trumpet.

  285. Jill Myrick says:

    I like the Card Fronts Sizzix eclips Cartridge .


  286. Jill Myrick says:

    I would use this for make cards, decorating my childrens bedroom walls , school projects and so much more.


  287. Kristine Landreman says:

    There are so many fun dies for the machine kids would love. I outdo use this in my classroom..

  288. I like cat #2 die.

  289. I like the 25127 LG Lacing Square # 2.

  290. If I won, I’d share this with my card making and scrapbooking group.

  291. nannypanpan says:

    I like the small holiday die cut set

  292. I like the star die.

  293. LaProfesoraFrida says:

    They have die cuts specifically for foreign languages!! That’s awesome! I would LOVE to win this!

  294. LaProfesoraFrida says:

    I can think of a million uses for this cutter! There are so many amazing bulletin boards I could create as well as a ton of lessons for my students.

  295. norene w. says:

    I love the wristbands dies. We have a jog a thon every year that we use wristbands for. It would be fun to personalize them for our jog a thon.

  296. norene w. says:

    This would definitely be donated to my daughters’ school if I won. They were just talking about getting one.

  297. Cheryl F. says:

    I like the Ellison SureCut Die – Four Leaf Clover – Large.

  298. Cheryl F. says:

    I’d use it for scrapping and greeting cards to start with.

  299. Pauline Milner says:

    I really like the Fizz Boom Read Bookmarks. They have a lot of useful products. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging!

  300. Pauline Milner says:

    This product would be absolutely wonderful to assist in my scrapbooking. Thanks!

  301. The 3D Tepee looks fun.

  302. I would use this for homeschooling my daughter.

  303. Sizzix Bigz XL Die – Border, Snowflake is one you gotta love!

  304. for my niece & nephew, they love all kinds of crafts

  305. I think the die that would be very useful to use in my Kindergarten classroom would be Ellison SureCut Die – Box #29 – XL. Perfect die to use for many things, things like crayons or glue sticks! Love this giveaway…. it makes me dream of owning an Ellison!!

  306. julie murphy says:

    i would use for crafting.

  307. I like the movie clapper die.

  308. Jean Criddle says:

    I teach in a very small and poor school district. Our classrooms are completely teacher funded. I would love to have a die cut machine I could share with our elementary teachers to improve instruction and save teacher money.

  309. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I like the Sizzix Bigz Die – Shapes, Layered #2. πŸ™‚

  310. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I don’t know what I’ll make, but my mom sure does!

  311. I really like the layered shapes!

  312. Would love this for my class projects, bulletin boards, and for my son’s class projects!!

  313. The wristband die cut would be great to make “I need to practice..” letters wristbands for the kindergartners.

  314. Amanda Jekel says:

    I love how versatile this looks! I love the idea of using it for fun flipbooks for projects!

  315. Tracy Blunier says:

    I work in a school that is starting from scratch (1 1/2 years old). Would love to add this to our media center for teachers to use! Oh, I love it!!!!

  316. Valerie McElroy says:

    I love all of them. I really love the trophy. I would put them to great use!

  317. Valerie McElroy says:

    I love several of them. I really like the trophy.

  318. Heather Farnan says:

    This would be great to have! Love the versatility!!

  319. Looks like fun!

  320. How awesome this would be to win!!!

  321. I’d use this to make my bulletin boards! Our diecut machine at school is not so good.

  322. Valerie McElroy says:

    I would use this awesome prize for several things.

  323. Terri Price says:

    Would be great to share with my kindergarten team.

  324. Seasons! I would use it daily in my Pre-K classroom~

  325. I would love to use these to allow my kids to go crazy with crafts to tie in common core.

  326. I run a FREE preschool in San Diego so this would be a very exciting win for us πŸ™‚

  327. I love it! Science at a new level!!

  328. Such a cool machine!!

  329. oops

  330. Heather White says:

    I love those planets, but the Fraction Fringe is great too. I just might be a better teacher with one of these πŸ™‚

  331. Chelle Martin says:

    I teach kinders & early 5’s as well as spend most of my free time with my local high school marching band. I am always making, creating or buying something…. Ellison Dies are a fabulous tool and so much fun to use when creating.

  332. Endless possibilities on things to create!

  333. This looks like a great tool to have for any classroom!!! SO many uses.

  334. My favorite die is the earth and holiday themes.

  335. Could be used for many things like bulliten boards and projects. And creating items to be used for learning centers.

  336. Angie Eller says:

    This system would be a great addition to our school/classroom! Thank you so much for sharing!

  337. Tami Lyle says:

    I would love to have this in my Kindergarten classroom!

  338. Carole Elias says:

    I really like the fraction fringe #2

  339. Shannon Davis says:

    I love the 3d patterns!

  340. This looks so cool. As a new teacher it is hard to buy all the neat stuff to use!!

  341. Elizabeth R. says:

    The GO Green Die Cut was my favorite!! πŸ™‚

  342. Carole Elias says:

    Definitely would use this for my students in my class. I teach math/soc. studies so there’s a lot I could do with this.

  343. Cheryl R. says:

    I love the cute, monster pencil tops!

  344. I love the earth and other planet die cuts, they are awesome.

  345. R. Downey says:

    I love the holiday dies!

  346. Angie Ritenour says:

    I am a fourth grade teacher and would use the die cut to enhance lessons, for decorating my classroom and bulletin board, and for scrap booking.

  347. This sounds awesome!! Thanks!!

  348. Melissa dobbins says:

    I Love Ellison die cuts! I would donate it to our school!

  349. erika howard says:

    How much fun would thos be with my preschoolers? We would be crafting allday!

  350. Christina says:

    This machine would be so handy to have available in the classroom. I especially like the planets and the nets.

  351. Caitlin G says:

    I would love to have this to make endless amounts of decorations and items to supplement my lessons. I teach students who are labeled with severe/profound disabilities. The more senses I can use the better chances of it
    “clicking” in their brains.

  352. I would love to win this for my school! I work at a small, but growing, Christian school! We would all love to use this! πŸ™‚

  353. I really don’t know how you expect me to pick! I do like the seasons and the common core ideas.

  354. This is such an excited product! I love the 3D die cuts. There is a barn one. How cool is that??

  355. I love the Sizzix Bigz Die – Candy Cane, Gingerbread Man & Gift. So fun for Christmas!

  356. Would love this for school!

  357. Traci Howard says:

    I love the holiday ones, and the envelope one.

  358. I like the math concept puzzle diecut! Great for relating math facts.

  359. Michelle D. says:

    As a first year 2nd grade teacher, my students would love using this with me. This would be great to use during holidays and various crafts. It looks like a wonderful product. I would love to win!! Who ever wins is very lucky!

  360. Stephanie Schornick says:

    Creating folder activities for students with autism

  361. There are so many things that I can do and so many uses for my classroom and projects! Especially common core activities!

  362. I SO need this for my kindercrew!!!

  363. Stephanie Turner says:

    I live the seasonal dies like the lacing apple!

  364. Richard Hicks says:

    I like this die 15107-LG
    Ellison SureCut Die – Torch – Large

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  365. It’s hard to pick one!! I would love the alphabet set and number set. It would be nice to have these things in my elementary resource room!

  366. Love die cut and so do my kids we are a county program and due to cuts we no longer have a die cuts at our
    main site which is 50 miles away having our own in south county would be great

  367. Anne Blake says:

    I would use this to support my students learning in a variety of ways! So excited about this!

  368. Candice Psarsky says:

    The glasses one was so cute!

  369. Marci cornaby says:

    How cool would this be in a classrooms? Pick me!

  370. teachrmama says:

    So many great products. I need to win the lottery!!

  371. Laurie Jean Orszulak says:

    There are so many ways I use the die cuts: I give them as incentive for doing well in the classroom, once they earn so many, they get to choose their ultimate prize. I make available different cuts, using different color construction paper. It works well as an incentive!

  372. I am teaching kindergarten next year and this would be GREAT to have in my classroom!!

  373. I would use it for so many things, but mostly for teaching tools. The 3D shapes and the earth and solar system die cuts would really help the kids to own their learning and have something to keep as well. Decorations would be second on my list!! Thanks for providing such a great product as a give away!!

  374. marcy duenas says:

    I would love it for my bulletin board and crafts. My students would love it!

  375. This would be great for my class. Love the 3D shapes we can make so that it is easier to understand!!!

  376. I would definitely use this as a future teacher. I am in my Junior year at University of Southern Mississippi and I could use it now for all the projects I am making. Plus next year I start my student teaching. I am learning about scrapbooking from my fiance’ and we are making projects all the time! I think I’d really like the wristbands die!

  377. Ruth Miyagawa says:

    Any tropical diecut!

  378. i would share it with the other 7 kindergarten classrooms in our school. thinking of the time it would save. Spent the weekend cutting and pasting & putting together file folder games.

  379. I need this so badly, like I am sure most teachers do. I would love to have a holiday collection of dies. Thank you Ellison Education for offering the contest and for keeping the price so affordable.

  380. I want one!!!!

  381. Debbie Merritt says:

    I love the Ellison SureCut Die – Bookmark, Read – Large!

  382. I love all of the animals and use them for my Kinders to begin writing a non-fiction unit!

  383. THis is AWESOME!!!! At my old school we had 3 Ellison machines and tons of die cuts! I moved to a new school and we have NOTHING!! This would be great to have and share with my teacher friends at work. I love the bookmark die cut and the globe looks cool!!! πŸ™‚ I hope I win the Allstar!

  384. Robin pedigo says:

    I love the base ten blocks to teach math.

  385. What an awesome product! Would love to have this for use in my 4th grade classroom! My mind is racing with thoughts of all the wonderful projects my students could create using this incredible tool….

  386. I would love using this in my Kindergarten class! I’d use it for crafts and the bulletin boards.

  387. Been wanting one of these for a long time!

  388. Allene Houston Jones says:

    I would use it to make class books.

  389. Awesome stuff!

  390. Deborah Hogue says:

    I like so many of the die sets, I think the consonants are great because they are shapes a young child will recognize

  391. Carol Edwards says:

    I like the barn and any die that can be put together to form a 3D object

    1. Carol Edwards says:

      I would use this at school for bulletin boards and projects.

  392. Deborah Hogue says:

    If I were to win this, I would use it to do scrapbooking and to help my grandchildren learn shapes and pictures. It would help them to be ready for the preschool years

  393. I really like the new monster pencil toppers they are so cute!!

  394. I would make so much stuff with this it would be crazy

  395. I would use the Math die cuts for our interactive Math Journals as well as the science die cuts for their Science Journals. Love the planet die cuts!

  396. I would love to have the fraction strip die. πŸ™‚

  397. I want the Sizzix Bigz Die – Shapes, Layered #2

  398. Staci Dial says:

    I teach 4th grade Science and Social Studies. So, I love ALL of the Science/SS related dies…PERFECT for my 4th grade! The planets, moon phases, simple machines, government/supreme court, continents, etc.

    I also love decorating for different seasons/holidays so I, of course, love those as well!

  399. Jiyeon Ahn says:

    They’re all so great it’s hard to choose one! But to go with your space theme, I would choose
    Ellison SureCut Die – Puzzle, Rocket – XL!

  400. Kristie D. says:

    I like the Ellison SureCut Die – Book, Birthday Cake Cover & Page (2 Dies) – Large. So cute! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  401. Kristie D. says:

    I would use this in my crafting. I’m learning to sew. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  402. TammyLynn says:

    Did you see the panda and bamboo? Cute!

  403. Jeanine Garcia says:

    Your Fraction Die cut would be so awesome for our lessons on how fractions are related to each other!

  404. Melanie Horne says:

    Our school has an ancient die cutter that is pretty much useless to the two or three teachers who use it. But I think if we had a new one, especially one with the dies this one has, it might just become the most popular machine in the building! I love the math applications, especially the 3D cutouts!

  405. This would be great for school projects.

  406. Shannon Wyckoff says:

    I would use all the ocean dies! My students would love using these in our classroom! Not only that, I would love to have them take orders and make things for other teachers. I have high school students who have multiple disabilities so I can see these being used in so many ways!

  407. Laurel Stone says:

    The wristbands are super cute, too! Geez, love it all. We don’t have ANY type of die system, not even letters. I would love this for my whole school…

  408. Heidi Hilzer says:

    Die cuts rock! So many uses in Pre-K! Especially love the holidays!

  409. Lauren Locklear says:

    I would love the wristband due cut!

  410. Lauren Locklear says:

    I would share this with the other teachers at my school for our bulletin boards!

  411. What An Amazing OpportuniTy!! This Would Be An Amazing TooL To Have In The Classroom! I Do Monthly themes With My Students And This Would Help Cut Down On Prep Time. Being A Special Education TeacherOf Students With Moderate To Severe Disabilities, This Would Help Make Learning More Hands On!! My Students Love Being Able To Manipulate Items, It Helps Them Make More Connections To What They Are Learning!! Thank You Again For This Opportunity!!

  412. Lou Conwell says:

    The possibilties are endless. What an asset this would be for our school!

  413. I Like The Large Red Ribbons On The website, These Would Be Perfect For Red Ribbon Week!!

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