Learning is Fun with Educational Apps when You Travel

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Learning is Fun Educational Apps for Kid's Entertainment

I have always been a big supporter of “edutainment” – the concept of educational learning in the form of entertainment. To me it’s more of an educational lifestyle really – it’s just part of who we are. Not only are there some pretty incredible brands out there that rock in this category but if your kids are having fun AND learning at the same time how can you go wrong?! My kids have a huge knowledge of educational facts and tidbits that have helped them slide through their school years a little smoother too!

Mobile technology is increasingly a part of everyday family life, and that’s why we encourage parents to find ways to make that screen time educational.

And if you’re headed on a road trip not only can the below apps keep your kids learning and entertained, but you can use your phone to help get directions and even find the cheapest gas station! And from experience – you’ll definitely want your phone handy if you need to find an emergency hospital in the middle of the night!

Educational Apps for Kid's Entertainment While Learning

Summer is just ahead and that means road trips are on many family’s minds! But that also means a LOT of time spent in the car. If you have kids this is pretty synonymous with electronics as a means of entertainment! There are some fantastic options for edu-tainment on your trip! And don’t forget about downloading some awesome reading books on your apps too! I always surprise my kids with some free e-books to keep them occupied.

I love my Samsung S6 but my husband likes his iPhone 6s so our kids get a collection of different apps for different platforms. And the fun thing is some of the games let my boys play against each other which is awesome. Make sure to set a limit on screen time in the car – time passes quickly when you’re on the road!

Apps for Learning & Playing:

Duolingo– learn another language in a fun way! (for more apps on learning languages check out this post!)

Hooked on Phonics– this is a popular app for younger kids learning how to read

Mathmateer – a fun app for elementary school age it has 56 fun math missions to accomplish

Stack the States (version 2) – by far one of my elementary kids favorite rewarding apps to play! Earn new states as you move through the ranks and learn about states, capitals, and even flags! There’s also one called Stack the Countries.

Toca Boca apps – Toca Boca apps have by far been my toddler’s FAVORITE set of apps to play. They have a wide range of apps from doctor to kitchen and everything in between. Kids can customize things to do in the app all the way down to chopping onions in the kitchen and pureeing carrots in the blender!
LEGO apps – There are a ton of awesome LEGO apps out there that are free and help kids design and re-design different pieces to create things like cars and helicopters. Here are just a few to get you started.
First Words for Baby– The First Words for Baby is by far my daughter’s next favorite app. Every image that your child “reads” through the book you can touch on and it will respond with it’s noise or bounce around the page as someone says what the object is.
Solve the Outbreak: This app (download here) is actually a pretty awesome for your older kids. It’s put out by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and you have to analyze clues and data to figure out what the outbreak is!







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