Painted Pumpkin Crayon Melting Halloween Fall Sensory Craft

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Did you know that I was the VERY FIRST person to publish about pumpkin crayon melting back before 2012!? Now you’ll find ideas for melting crayons on pumpkins all over the place! All you need is a white pumpkin (any color will work but white looks the best!), a bunch of crayons, some glue (hot glue or tacky glue works well) and a blow dryer!

There are SO many variations you can make – a quick search on Pinterest or Google will show you a zillion options now! I did try out all black crayons melted onto a huge orange pumpkin here but for today we were just trying out this fun crafty pumpkin idea.

row of crayons

You can pick all one color, all different colors, or patterns of specific colors! For this craft I used Crayola crayons. Choose your colors, peel off the crayon paper, and then break it into smaller pieces.

colored crayons on white pumpkin

Use your hot glue gun to glue the smaller pieces of crayon onto the top of your pumpkin in whichever pattern you desire. I chose to make mine very colorful in no specific pattern.

hair dryer melting crayons on white pumpkin

Take your blow dryer and place it about 4-5 inches from the top of the pumpkin on HIGH. And watch the magic happen!

I LOVE IT! It may not be the most beautiful decoration you’ve seen but it’s definitely unique and sure is colorful! Want to make it a sensory experience? Use scented crayons or glitter crayons!


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