DIY Halloween Spooky Straw Necklace

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DIY Kid's Spooky Necklace Craft

Colorful paper straws are great for themed parties but did you know they are also super fun for crafting and creating kid’s fine motor skills activities?  Take a look at how we created this Halloween straw necklace from some colorful paper straws and just a little twine! This is the perfect craft to do at a Halloween party, classroom activity, or just for fun with your kids at home!

(TIP – you can use colored pasta if you want but beware of runny colors if your kids want to wear their necklace for Halloween!) 

 Supplies Needed:

orange and black paper straws (we bought at Michael’s)
twine, ribbon, or elastic cord
plastic spider

craft glue or hot glue

We were able to find all of these supplies at our local craft store and also spotted some at the Dollar Tree.


1. Begin by cutting the straws into small lengths (about an inch each is ideal). You can make the lengths all uniform or change the sizes up a bit.

2. Cut a length of twine or ribbon that fits comfortably around your neck (or your child’s neck).

3. Begin stringing on the straw segments. Create your own pattern or just place them on!

4. Once the twine or ribbon is covered with straws tie the ends of the necklace together.

5. Finish the necklace by adding some spider or other spooky embellishments. Just add a dab of hot glue or craft glue to the back of the spider and press it to the straws. Let dry.

Your Halloween straw necklace is now ready to be used! You can even use it to decorate rooms, wreaths, paper bags and more! Kids will love making these and it’s great for developmental skills! They are a fun and frugal addition to your holiday outfit.


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