Creating Indulgent Holiday Gift Baskets for School Staff

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Thanks to the Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide I was able to get a jump start on working on gift baskets for our school staff this year with some fabulous snack ideas! Last year I got stuck waiting for last minute Christmas gifts for our teachers and I told myself this year I would get started early!! Since all of our teachers (aside from my husband) are females I decided to make them each an indulgent gift basket, and one large basket for our secretary! What says indulgence better to a girl than chocolate and relaxing bath products? I found a TON of options with the Good & Delish brand so I have oodles to choose from!

From jelly beans to tea, coffee, truffles, cookies, chocolate pretzels, sparkling cider and bath salts I knew that this basket would be awesome!!

I bought plenty of extra sweets to make each teacher a nice holiday gift bag which I got on sale at Walgreens too. Since today was the first school day in December, and I know how tough it is to get back into gear and go back to school after Thanksgiving and ride the craziness of the holidays. I wanted to make sure to help boost staff spirit by putting out a small gift baskets of goodies and coffee today to kick start the month of December at our school! There were a ton of great frozen appetizers and delicious ice cream bars and ice cream. But since I live an hour away I was afraid it would all melt in the car otherwise I would have brought those for a lunch treat!

I grabbed some dried fruit for my kids too!!

We were blessed this year to make such a large gift basket for our school staff – hopefully these will give you some great ideas to get for your teachers and co-workers during the holiday season! Prices ranged from anywhere under $2 to about $6 so these delicious treats at Walgreens are definitely affordable!! A small loofah with bath products, some chocolates or holiday cookies, a bag of coffee, or even just a bag of chocolate covered pretzels for the school office – they are all thoughtful gifts!

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  1. Cara Cosentino says:

    I think this is a great way to recognize the hard work teachers do. I would love my school to recognize me with 1/10 of a gift such as this. I can’t tell you how much better the moral would be if this happened. Great thoughts! Keep up the amazing job you are doing!

  2. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    Food is always a great gift, especially sweet treats because everyone needs a chance to indulge a little. Especially during the holidays! #client

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