The BEST Thing I’ve Found at the Dollar Tree – INSTA SNOW!!!

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a box of Insta-Snow at the Dollar Tree the other day!! I bought 2 boxes and TOTALLY regret not buying more because when we went back to buy more we could only find one!! 🙁 I can’t find it one their website either and haven’t called their customer service number yet. BUT you can buy a larger jar of it for only $11ish on Amazon which is definitely a better deal unless you only want one small box. (the same amount would be $26 for all the boxes!)
If you haven’t seen insta-snow you haven’t lived!! Seriously! This fine powder holds 100x’s it’s weight so when you add 1/4 cup of water to just a spoonful of insta-snow it bloats up and looks like real snow! In fact it even gets cold!! Plus you can theoretically dry it out and reuse it but we didn’t make it that far yet.


Doesn’t it look like real snow? It’s as close to snow as my sunny Florida kids will be getting this year!!


There are SO many things you can do with insta-snow but first we just let the kids check it out and play with it!


Next we brought out the food coloring and let them dye their snow!


Then we put all of their snow in a sandwich bag so they could squish squish squish away!!

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