Chemical Free WaterWipes – a MUST with Babies!

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One of the MOST awesome daily things I’ve discovered now that we have a baby in the house again is WaterWipes. I wish SO much I had these when my boys were babies! I wish I could completely get rid of our regular baby wipes and 100% switch to WaterWipes – that’s how much we love them. Even my husband grabs them every time he changes a dirty diaper.

WaterWipes is a premier European brand and they are made of 99.9% WATER which means that I feel a LOT more comfortable using these to wipe around my baby’s mouth after eating when we travel instead of regular baby wipes. It ALSO means that when my poor dollie gets a rash pretty much after every poopy diaper because she has really sensitive skin she no longer has pain when I clean her up since these wipes are mostly just made of water! Her skin doesn’t get irritated because they are chemical free!! (The .1% you’re wondering about is grapefruit seed extract – only 2 ingredients!)

WaterWipes Travel with Infants

As many of you guys know we’ve also been road tripping it most of the summer! In fact we’ve put on almost 6000 miles this summer and recently just got home from a historical landmark road trip where we took the kids to see the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Independence Hall, the Boston Tea Party Ship, Ford’s Theatre, Smithsonian Museums and SO many other historical landmarks. What we weren’t prepared for however was the 99* heat we encountered much of the trip! Mix that with sticky hands, baby spit up, poopy diapers, sweaty baby creases and rashes – ick! Not to mention seemingly living out of the car putting on so many miles (think dirty car seats, kids with food, spills and accidents, etc.). These WaterWipes came in handy a zillion times!


RIGHT NOW there is a special promo in stores at Babies “R” Us and WaterWipes are on sale 2 for $6! Seriously – stock up on these things, you won’t regret it! They are normally $3.99 each so for every two you buy you’re saving almost $2! No harmful ingredients or chemicals is a huge deal for us and especially our newest sensitive member of the family. We used two packages on our insanely crazy road trip and they never dried out on us even though we weren’t that great at closing them up. They are VERY soft and the quality seemed really good. We had no issues with it ripping apart or baby girl tearing it into pieces – even when she constantly pulled at it. Although they recommend using the WaterWipes package within a month (UM – super easy to do with kids!) they will keep for up to 15 months unopened.

If you’re concerned about going chemical free in your classroom, daycare, or with your own kids at home I HIGHLY recommend looking into WaterWipes. It’s a great natural alternative that’s safer for your kiddos and I’m SO glad I learned about them! Another super cool thing is that the wipes are not interfolded so when you pull one out you don’t get an excessive stream behind them! And just in case you wanted to see my adorable daughter again there she is below at one of the hotels we stayed at on our road trip! Since she likes to roll over during diaper change time I would hand her a WaterWipe to keep her occupied as I change her diaper – it worked like a charm.

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