Baby’s Arrival Countdown Paper Chain for Siblings

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countdown paper chain for baby arrival

 Once we found out the gender of our beautiful little girl my boys began asking how much longer till she arrived! I know how much kids LOVE making paper chains to count down to Christmas, 100 days of school and the end of the school year so we decided to sit down and create a paper chain countdown for their new baby sister!

Especially since the concept of “several more months” is a little harder for kids to grasp so having a visual on hand was a great idea!

paper chain countdown to baby Collage

 Not to mention that it kept my boys quite busy for some time! They decided to use all different colors of construction paper but if you’re wanting to make it extra cute and decorative feel free to use scrapbook paper and color coordinate your patterns!

Using burlap strips, scrapbook paper, lace, and any other type of material would make a beautiful and decorative chain!

paper chain countdown to baby

This also turned into a great math activity as we wrote the day on each paper chain for the kids to tear off. Each day the boys get to tear off one more day and the shorter their chain got the more excited they got for the arrival of their new baby sister!


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