3D Coin Art Review: American Flag

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3D Coin Art: American Flag Review

My son has an obsession with coin collecting – and although that may sound boring to some of you it’s SO incredibly educational for him and surprisingly not as boring as I had imagined! If you or your child collect coins you can join me in on the excitement! Do you know how many hours he has spent researching the history behind certain coins, counting various money forms and researching market value for specific coins?

Not to mention that he’s been helping me design a DIY Coin display system for his collection – and he’s only 9! Thankfully with the internet today you can get your hands on some pretty fascinating coins for a reasonable price! So when an e-mail hit my inbox about these 3D Coin Art display products I knew it was a sign – I had to look into them a little more. I might have passed over them except they actually looked REALLY¬†cool and I know how much something like this would mean to my son!

3D Coin Art American Flag Review

3D Coin Art has 3 displays to choose from – the American Flag, George Washington, and the Empire State Building (which are already on my son’s wish list for Christmas – he HAS to have them!). All you need is regular currency – dimes, nickels, and pennies! As you can see I chose the flag for him to start with. At the end of a hard worked school week we presented this to him and he totally flipped out. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day – he spent the next 6 hours scouring around the house looking for coins and counting up how much money he had put into his display, and how much cash he needed to take to the bank to swap out for coins. (I told you he was obsessed remember?!)

3D Coin Art American Flag Review

The coin art kit is simple with only a few pieces to it but the flag case was an impressive quality – which is good because it holds $25 worth of coins! It’s not flimsy or floppy at all and even includes a really nice stand for the coin flag to be displayed on. It also includes very shiny official looking metallic stickers for the display and 2 sets of coin counter trays to help you prep. My husband and I were both very impressed at the high quality – it will definitely last a very long time!

3D Coin Art American Flag Review
I was expecting for some reason that this flag coin display would be incredibly bulky but I was shocked how thin the display case was! I’m thrilled because it means I don’t need as big of an area for my son to display his coin artwork! It’s very slim and trim! I absolutely recommend this set for anyone who loves coins or unique art. We’ll be buying the other set (Empire State Building to start with) for my son for Christmas this year for sure so you know I love it!


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