Wordcatcher Book Review

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“An Odyssey Into the World of Weird and Wonderful Words”
by Phil Cousineau
If you like English & grammar- you are in for a treat! Word Catcher is a fun and interesting book FULL of word plays, word derivatives, and words that I had never even heard of! For example, did you know that the word baffle actually is an old Scottish word describing a disgraced knight? It is very evident throughout the book that the author is quite obsessed with words- and is joyful when he learns a new word that he needs to look up the definition for! It’s a rather catching attitude and I enjoyed reading through a menagerie of new words!

Have you ever heard of such words? Although I enjoyed so many new words and the stories behind them- I simply cannot remember all of them! But this book has certainly encouraged me to look up any new words that I come across- and even to find out where the words have come from!
Do YOU know where the word ABRACADABRA came from?
What about the fear of peanut butter?  ARACHIBUTYROPHOBIA
and a huge list of other “phobias” such as catotrophia, kakorrhapphiophobia, and hippomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!
Wordcatch contains words and their meanings from A to Z – over 250 of them! What a unique little read this was. I really enjoyed searching for words I knew, and words I didn’t know, and learning the stories behind many of them! I recommend this as an interesting read to any one who loves a “play on words”. It is a small book- easy to travel with, and sure to keep your occupied!
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