Ways that Teachers Can Make Money During the Summer- Guest Post

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Ways that Teachers Can Make Money during the Summer

Teacher salaries are notoriously low (or at least not what they should be for the work that teachers do). It doesn’t leave a lot left over to save for the summer months, when many teachers do not get paid. Choosing to have paychecks spread out over 12 months (if it’s even an option) can lower a teacher’s monthly salary to an unsustainable level for some. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that teachers can make money during the summer to help supplement or replace that income. (And you won’t have to work at The Gap!)


Tutoring is one of the best ways to make extra money, both during the summer and throughout the year. Teachers can sign up at tutoring centers, such as Sylvan Learning Center, or can offer their services freelance by advertising in schools or on sites such as Craig’s list. Offering services freelance (and finding clients on your own) can result in much higher rates of pay (as much as $40 per hour). If you have the time during the year, you can continue tutoring after school or on the weekends to supplement your

Summer School/Summer Camp

Teaching summer school at your own school can be an easy way to make some extra money during the summer. Many students will be re-taking courses for credit or will be taking classes to get ahead in their schedule. Teachers will be in demand, and the pay can be a significant source of income (though likely not as much as your regular salary). If you want a change of pace, or you weren’t able to snag one of the positions at your own school, look for work with summer camps, which are very popular. The work will be less rigorous (no need for intensive testing), and you’ll be able to have fun while making extra money.

Online Courses

Teaching online courses is another great way to make extra money either during the summer or throughout the year. Some school districts offer their own online courses. If yours doesn’t, look for opportunities with state-run programs or private institutions (such as the University of Phoenix, etc.). If
you have time in your schedule, this is a great way to continue to supplement your income throughout the year.

Test Administration

Many standardized tests are administered during the summer, such as the SAT and ACT. You can earn extra money by offering tutoring for these tests, or by signing up to be a proctor for one of them. The pay is usually significant, and teachers are given preference for the positions.

Freelance Writing

Finally, freelance writing offers many opportunities for teachers both during the summer and throughout the year. Teachers can offer their expertise for a number of mediums, including newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and blogs. Freelance writers can often set their own rates and their own hours, which makes it an ideal way for many people – not just teachers – to supplement their income.
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