Meeting Up With Eitech & Teifoc at Toy Fair

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If you’ve been around here at all on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary you may remember several reviews that I have done with both Eitech and Teifoc. So I was THRILLED to finally meet up with them at Toy Fair last week!
Isn’t this Eiffel Tower stunning? Eitech is a German based company that makes educational construction toys mostly out of metal although recently they have added beginner’s kits as well as solar and electrical kits to their line as well. I absolutely love their metal kits (such as the one used to build their Eiffel Tower) because it is far superior to any other brand’s plastic building kits that I have encountered. Not only are they virtually indestructible but the piece do not loosen and fall apart like many other construction sets I’ve used.

Teifoc, a branch off of Eitech has some of the coolest brick and mortar construction kits I’ve ever seen! And at Toy Fair I got a glimpse of a few of their new products coming out! Above you’ll see a bridge made using both Eitech metal construction pieces AND Teifoc brick sets!

Pretty cool huh? What I love about the Teifoc brick and mortar sets are that they are reusable. You can dissolve the mortar in water and tear down your sets to be rebuilt.

This is one of Eitech’s most popular kits. The Ferris wheel actually rotates and quite quickly I should add! I am excited about some of their new upcoming products. If you have kids (or spouses!) that LOVE to build this is fantastic and unique kits to check out! I highly recommend these sets above any other construction model sets I’ve used!

You can also find Eitech and Teifoc products on Amazon.

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