Video Games – Can it Really be Positive?

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TV and video games tend to have a bad rep for the violence and lethargy it causes in adolescents today. But did you know that there are actually a few good reasons to watch TV and play video games? (don’t get too excited kids!) Video games can help improve a person’s manual dexterity, as well as computer literacy. I know even in our household we also use TV in moderation as an educational tool for educational videos. Moderation and thoughtful parental responsibility is the key.

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  1. Definitely an advocate of parental responsibility! So many people complain about violence, sex and such in video games and television. The problem isn't what is out there, it's with the parents who let their children have free reign and never monitor what they are watching.

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  3. Alicia C. says:

    My son, in 8th grade, has to write a research paper this year as part of his assessments. He has chosen "The positive effects of video games on children." He's come up with some pretty good arguments. He said that a lot of people bring up the fact that it puts kids in the position of inflicting violence, making it a 'normal' part of life. He argues that you can't point a finger at just video games – TV shows, movies, and even the news show much more graphic depictions of violence! I can't wait to read his paper when he's done with it.

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