What is your Favorite Zoo Animal?

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Do you know what I love about blogging? Taking the day off! LOL! 🙂 Seriously though, this morning we woke up and decided to go to the zoo. Of course no work was done, but we needed a good family day together! Everyone does! Plus our passes to the zoo are expiring at the end of the month and we wanted to go at least once more.

When we first arrived it was absolutely PACKED! I couldn’t believe it! I knew something must be going on. Sure enough when we got to the gate and gave them our passes they handed us back 4 zoo tickets! Ah-HAH! THAT’S why everyone was going to the zoo today! They must have had a promo where when you entered the zoo you got extra tickets to come back! It actually wasn’t bad at all to be honest. The kids enjoyed the carousel so much I had to stop because I was getting dizzy after several rounds on it!

We enjoyed seeing the manatees chomping on their lettuce, and watched a HUGE snapping turtle gulp down a large fish. We saw itty bitty baby tortoises, beautiful seahorses and wiggled like the spotted eel swimming around in his tank. 

I’m not even sure how my son heard about poison dart frogs but for the past month or so he has constantly been asking to learn about them and see more pictures of them (the internet is a wonderful tool!). And guess what we found at our zoo today? Several aquariums with various colors of poison dart frogs!! I’m sure everyone must have thought my son was nuts because he went beserk!! 

We saw monkeys and snakes and everything in between! I LOVE days at the zoo!! How often do you visit a zoo? What’s your favorite zoo animal?

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  1. Adelina Priddis says:

    I love the zoo! We used to live in a city with a free zoo, so we went frequently. Now it's a little too far away, and the cost of the closer zoo is too much :(. I personally love. Seeing the eagles though

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