The Father of Hollywood- AWESOME Opportunity for High School Class Available!

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 This is a really amazing opportunity to create history today!! If you are a high school teacher, or you know a high school teacher please keep reading! Even if you don’t – this is a fantastic opportunity for YOU! If you are a teacher in California- it even gets better!
Gaelyn contacted me to tell me the story about her great-grandfather, H J Whitley and how it impacts all of us today. H J Whitley was a monumental figure in our American culture. He started over 100 towns across the US- including Hollywood! He, along with the Hollywood Chamber, Whitley Heights Organization and Los Angeles councilman and countless others across the U.S. are trying to nominate him into the California Hall of Fame- and she needs YOUR help!
A little history about H J Whitley & Hollywood
 H J Whitley spent over 15 years and millions of dollars developing and beautifying the area that we now call Hollywood. He played the main roll in getting movie producers and film makers to settle in Hollywood. The Whitley home was actually used in the very first Hollywood movie ever produced!
On October 26, 2011 America will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first film produced in Hollywood. H J Whitely is asking anyone and everyone to help nominate her great-grandfather into the California Hall of Fame. You can fill out this very simple form here, it really only takes a few seconds to do:

California Hall of Fame Nomination Form
For teachers & their classrooms- this could easily be turned into a fun community project. YOUR students can make history happen today! If you are interested in doing this with your class- this is what Gaelyn has offered- she would love to partner with a high school class(es) and do a conference call with the whole classroom (OR even VISIT the classroom if it is in California!) in exchange for the class nominating her grandfather for the Hall of Fame! If you have a moment (teacher or not!) consider nominating H J Whitley at the above link for the California Hall of Fame.
What an AMAZING way for our students to take part in real Hollywood history! The students can also learn about how Hollywood was named, how the famous Hollywood sign came into existence, and where they came up with the idea of the stars on the Walk of Fame! Gaelyn has also written a book called The Father of Hollywood that you may be interested in as well.

If you are interested PLEASE contact me at [email protected] & I will put you in touch with Gaelyn! You can learn more about her great-grandfather “The Father of Hollywood” on their website.
I was not compensated for this post. I just think this is an awesome opportunity to make history happen today!

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