I’m Handing out Zhu Zhu Pets at the Zoo Tonight!!

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I am SO excited to be representing BSM Media and Zhu Zhu pets tonight at our local zoo – America’s #1 Children Zoo!! I applied for the opportunity to set up a Zhu Zhu pet display table during our zoo’s Halloween event, and when we expected our grandpa to pass away I thought I would not be able to work at the zoo tonight. I am SO excited to say that I WILL be at the zoo tonight, with 3 other ladies passing out 1600 Zhu Zhu pets!! YES – OVER a thousand zhu zhu pets plus other goodies – I am going to make a lot of kids VERY VERY happy!! Can you imagine! It’s like playing Santa during Halloween! Not to mention gobs of candy – I went to Walmart last week and bought $150 worth of Halloween candy (which I will be reimbursed for) – the cashier looked at me like I was nuts!! HAHA!
Why do I love doing things like this? Not just because they are compensated, but I LOVE getting out in the community and meeting new people….working with new brands. I’ll get to check out the Zhu-Fari pets you see above – I had never even heard of them until this opp came around! I also get to check out the Xia-Xia pets too you see below.

Anyone want to come by the Lowry Park Zoo tonight and say hi to me?? 🙂 I’ll be taking pictures and video tonight so I’ll post them tomorrow (I won’t be home till after midnight tonight!). Anyone else other than me think this sounds like a TON of fun??

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