Today is MY BIG DAY! I’m headed to Toy Fair!!!!

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WHOO! I am absolutely PSYCHED!!! Today is an exciting day for me, not only because Toy Fair is this weekend but because:
1. It will be my FIRST time in NEW YORK CITY!!!!
2. I have NO KIDS with me!!!
3. I was able to bring my husband along!
4. I’m seeing a good friend from college I haven’t seen in 10 years!
5. I’m meeting up with a good bloggy buddy this weekend!
6. WAIT – did I forget to say TOOOOOYS???? 🙂
I am SO excited! This will be an exhausting weekend for me at Toy Fair with hardly any “down time” but it’s rare for me to get a break from the kids too. We hardly ever have a babysitter so this is a big deal for me! 
On the flip side I am absolutely thrilled to meet with many of the reps from companies that I have worked with here on my blog such as Educational Insights, Learning Resources, Uncle Milton, Step2, Roylco, Insect Lore, as well as a lot of new ones like Wild Republic, TOMY, Imperial Toy and MANY more! There are over 1100 companies at Toy Fair this year and growing SO there is no possible way I could list them all here – or even visit them all! 
I’m also honored to be invited to attend a special breakfast with the Big Toy Book as well as Hasbro, Playmates Toys, and Neat-Oh as well as another breakfast with Cepia LLC (makers of Zhu-Zhu Pets, Xia-Xia crabs and more! I’ll be blogging throughout the weekend as my crazy schedule allows and you can follow me on Twitter using the hashtag #survivingthetoyfair as well as my Twitter handle @TheTeachersWife.
My goal this weekend is to meet some great companies, make new contacts, learn more about the coolest toys on the market and to share it all with you guys! And of course, yes, I’m going to have fun! This is a big investment for me as it cost me over $1000 for my trip but I am very serious about making my blog the best that it can be for teachers and parents/grandparents who want to promote education for today’s generation and also learn how to survive on their salaries! Making a big investment in children’s products, educational products, and household products is an even BIGGER deal when you don’t have money to spare and that’s why I try to give you guys honest opinions and reviews and share with you what has worked for us. 

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