TODAY is International Literacy Day!!

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TODAY is International Literacy Day – what are your favorite books?? My two all-time favorites are The Giver by Lois Lowry and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. Although I do try to keep a fairly broad variety of books to read. Everything from young adult, fiction, mystery, romance, and yes – even non-fictions! I LOVE just going to the library and walking around. Although I do admit – many times I DO judge a book by it’s cover! I never look for a specific book, I just walk up and down the aisles until a book catches my interest! What about you?

Here are a few ways to promote literacy in your home:

preschool girl reading with father
  • Write a PenPal! Reading and writing letters to friends is a great and fun way to promote literacy!
  • For children learning to read place a post it note somewhere with the object name written on it. For example- make a post it note that says “door” and place it on your child’s door.
  • EVERY night let each child pick his/her own book to read.
  • Make books important to YOU! YOU are your child’s best role model – show them you love books!
  • Subscribe to fun enticing children’s magazines like Zoobooks, Highlights, and National Geographic to capture their interest.
  • Play games to promote literacy. Scrabble Alphabet Scoop, Scategories, and Boggle are just a few off the top of my head.
  • Have a family competition! Who can read the most books?
  • Write a poem! Have your kids make up a poem and draw a picture to go with it!
  • GIVE a book! It is so simple to give the gift of a book to help promote literacy for other children as well!

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