Flying Saucers and FM Radios

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If you want to buy Snap Circuits – but not ready to invest in a whole kit yet, these are our two absolute favorite kits! Maybe I should say these are my SON’S two absolute favorite kits!! 🙂 The Snap Circuits FM Radio and Snap Circuits Flying Saucer! The Snap Circuits FM Radio is very simple to build – and yes, it really works!! I was amazed at what an awesome product it was for such a little price. Both of these kits make for an awesome cause and effect lesson! The Snap Circuits Flying Saucer Kit is every little kids dream. Build something very simple that will shoot off into the air! Over and over and over again!! My son will launch his saucer for hours- and my 2 year old will just bust out laughing every time. For under $15 each these are also extremely affordable and worth every penny.

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