Tips for Parents to Support Your Athlete in Sports

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Tips for Parents to Support Your Child in Sports

With spring and summer approaching that also means the beginning of many sports around the country. In fact just this morning was my son’s last basketball game for the season and I know softball, track and soccer seasons are just around the corner. In our family we support our little athletes desire to play sports (or not play sports) as long as the schedule and cost isn’t too insane! The fun thing is that sports goes so much further than “just” your typical ones you think of (like soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.). My oldest son really isn’t athletic at all and his coordination is less than he would like so we’ve opened up to him some ideas he can participate in that still fall into the sports category like swimming, horseback riding, bowling, etc.

Tips for Parents to Support Your Child in Sports

 If it weren’t for my prompt reminders my son would forget everything from his uniform to his POWERADE and probably even his shoes when it comes to sports practice and games! Which is OK – he’s still pretty young. I’ve never pushed my little athletes into sports or required them to do anything, but my one rule is that if they want to join a sports team they are committed for the season regardless of how much they do or don’t like it. They are part of the team and will stay that way until the season is over!


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Tips for Parents to Support Your Athlete in Sports

Tips for Parents to Support Your Child in Sports
  • Follow your athlete’s lead! Some people just aren’t into sports at all and have no desire to try it – and that’s OK! But some people, like my middle son, want to try it all! From basketball to soccer, baseball and hockey – my son wants a chance to try each of them! If he asks to try out a sport I usually give him the green light. Don’t say no just because it’s not a sport you like to watch.
  • Don’t push it! You may have had amazing memories doing sports when you were younger but that doesn’t mean your son or daughter will. Forcing them into a sports they don’t want to play won’t make them like it any more! Offer your athlete the opportunity to spread their wings out and try a sports team but don’t force them to!
  • Show up for every game and practice! I see many parents dropping their athletes off for their practices and game but make it a point to be at each of your athlete’s events! You are their support and they’ll want you there for the good and bad games. Not to mention I’ve been around for quite a few of my boy’s injuries during practice and games!
  • Remember the POWERADE. Have a drink for your athlete EVERY time. Every practice. Every game. They’ll need to replenish fluids as they are playing! I also like to stash an extra box of snacks in the car during this time too! It’s always nice to pitch in as a team parent and bring some extras for the other players too!
  • Take them to a pro game. If it’s a sports your athlete is really into offer to take them to a high school, college, or pro game so they can see a professional team play!
  • Snap a photo & hang it up! My son is pretty proud of himself for hanging out on the basketball team but he’s even more proud when he walks by a photo of himself in his jersey with a basketball hanging in my house! Even if you just print a photo out on your printer!
  • Keep the first aid kit handy! Since having 2 adventurous boys I have learned to keep a first aid kit available in my car at all times – especially during sports season. Not only has it come in handy for my athlete’s injuries but it has helped countless other athlete’s injuries too.  I recommend keeping antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze, medical tape, sunscreen, topical antihistamine and burn cream.
  •  Teach them about commitment and team playing! It’s SO easy to want to be the star of the team, especially if you’ve got a natural talent for it, but being part of a team means working together to make it happen! Don’t give in to complaints or whining about wanting to quit. My little athletes know before they join they are committed to making a team work and supporting their team members.
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