Are You on WIC? Make Your Checks Stretch Further!!

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Are you on WIC? (A government program assisting families with pregnant mothers & children under 5.) Did you know that if you have an item on your WIC check that is on a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sale you can get DOUBLE what your check states? (I’m not kidding!)

For example, if your check states that you can get 36 oz. of cereal, and the WIC approved cereal is on a BOGO sale, you can actually get 72 ounces of the WIC approved cereal instead!?
If your WIC check allows you to get one jar of 18 oz. Peanut Butter, and that peanut butter is on BOGO, you can get TWO jars of 18 oz peanut butter!
If your check allows for 2 bottles of juice, and it is on a BOGO sale you can get FOUR bottles of juice!
Get the point? 🙂
Did you also know that you can use coupons with your WIC checks? If you have money saving coupons on produce, you can use that with your fresh fruits/veggie vouchers to get more food!
If your cashier looks confused at your extra amount just tell them it’s on BOGO!
This is definitely store dependent but if you have a coupon that says “Free if you buy xyz…” some stores will allow you to get that free item even if it’s not WIC eligible – you’ll need to check with your manager first. For example, if you buy 2 boxes of Rice Krispies cereal with your WIC check, and you have a coupon for “FREE Marshmallows when you buy 2 boxes of Rice Krispies”, some store owners allow you to get the 2 boxes of cereal on your WIC check, AND the free marshmallows with your coupon. This scenario is very store dependent though. The store will be paid back from the manufacturer who put the coupon out so they are not losing any money.
For those of you on WIC- I hope this helps!

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