Firefighter Fun Facts & “F” is for Fire Safety

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Fire Safety Resources for Teachers

I bet you don’t know a lot about the history (or weird facts!) about firefighters – I sure didn’t! Every year we teach our kids about what to do in the event that a fire happens and how to prevent a fire from occurring. And with the resources the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has on their Sparky School House website you’ll find all sorts of relevant and visual guides to help you create your lessons!

When I was pregnant with my first child we lived in an apartment for a few months and the floor directly above us had an electrical fire. It was absolutely terrifying and the smoke was debilitating. As I watched this video I can only imagine what firefighters 100+ years ago had to go through let alone the courage it still takes today to fight fires! You won’t believe some of these tidbits you’ll learn in this video! It’s definitely worth sharing with your class and kids if you are learning about fire safety this month!

You’ll find all sorts of videos, songs, apps, e-books, and printable activities on fire safety and firefighters to pair with your classroom lessons! Although I don’t have the space to list everything below you can definitely find all of your options at the Sparky School House Digital Backpack page! Below are a few of my favorites!

Fire Safety & History Resources for Teachers

You can download the following PDF lessons here:

Parent Letter for Fire Safety at Home
Physical & Character Traits with Fire Safety
Smoke Alarm Sounds & Proper Punctuation
Firehouse Coloring Math (English & Spanish)
Sparky Word Scramble (English & Spanish)
Sparky Bookmarks
Kitchen Safety Hidden Pics
….and a TON more!

Sparky's Firehouse fire safety app for kids

There are actually several fantastic app choices for kids at the Sparky School House page but Sparky’s Firehouse is a new one that not only reinforces what to do in the case of a fire but always works on early math, reading and literacy skills. You can also find Sparky’s Brain Busters app, Sparky’s Birthday Surprise, The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms, and Sparky’s Match Game – all apps for kids!

Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Science Facts

And if you need a (FREE!) e-book for your kids to read check out this one! Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Science Facts e-book contains non-fiction, fictional stories, poetry and scientific diagrams!

Fire Safety sensory activity - no mess for kids

We had a fun fire safety NO MESS activity in our house this weekend and even my older kids joined in to play! I took a black piece of construction paper and cut out a fire flame shape. Then laid it over a ziploc bag sealed with shaving cream, red food dye, and yellow food dye. Then the kids had fun squishy the baggie of foam around and watched as the colors mixed together! It really looked cool and double for fire safety, art and sensory! I highly recommend taping both the bag to the table as well as the black piece of construction paper! TIP: lay the ziploc bag on the black construction paper and outline it lightly in pencil so you can use it as a guide of where to cut!

For these resources and SO MANY MORE go to!

Sparky School House

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