TestingMom Review – Test Prep Success for Pre-K to 8th

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This post brought to you in collaboration with TestingMom.com – the test prep success for pre-K to 8th grade. All opinions are my own.

TestingMom.com accredited test prep

I’ve been reviewing TestingMom.com – the ONLY accredited online test prep program for students’ pre-K to 8th Grade. Not only am I impressed but my husband who is a teacher and administrator is equally as impressed. You get a soaring value for the price! As a parent with two school age children I absolutely want to see my kids succeed, but sometimes they need a little reinforcement with additional resources.

TestingMom offers OVER 100,000 practice questions, interactive games, and fun activities that include everything from private school admissions, state tests, and common core for all 50 states! That includes the CogAT Test and Gifted and Talented Test! There is an entire page for you to scroll through and select the test(s) and grade level(s) you specifically want your child to study for. Not only that but you also get FULL access to over 24 premier skill building programs which I was thrilled to see! There’s even an option for a Spanish site! These programs alone cost over $500!

TestingMom Review - Test Prep Success for Pre-K to 8th

Tumble Books on TestingMom:

Tumble Books is one of my favorite programs and now we can use it every single day at home through TestingMom.com! I love the clean simple layout so I can easily find the program I want. There are so many programs that I’ve never even heard that I now have at my disposal! I love that I can work with each one of my children all under one membership. I can narrow their practice down not only by grade and test but also by subject area.

TestingMom Review - Test Prep Success for Pre-K to 8th grade

TestingMom Membership Access:

This is HUGE! For as low as $19.99 per month you (and your kids!) will have access to virtually zillions of books, educational activities, and printable practice worksheets geared specifically to your child. PLUS TestingMom not only covers the areas your child needs help in for school but also other areas like financial literacy, computer programming, and even chess!

Sound like too much work? They’ve got that covered too! Your kids can unwind from a long day at school by watching educational films, listening to public radio programs specifically designed for kids, and even read about current events! It’s a safe zone my kids can decompress in every day and help carry their learning through the summer.

TestingMom Membership Plans:

TestingMom Review: Test Prep Success for Pre-K to 8thTestingMom Review: Test Prep Success for Pre-K to 8th

FREE Practice Questions on TestingMom.com:

SO the big question – what does it cost?! FIRST let me share with you that they offer 100 FREE practice questions that you can sign up for so you should definitely start there! After your trial is up there are 3 different plan options depending on how intensely you need help.

The lowest plan option is only $19.99 and includes EVERYTHING I’ve talked about! Then depending on which plan you choose you’ll have access to monthly LIVE training sessions for parents, virtual classes for parents, small group calls and Q&A with Karen Quinn, LIVE test prep instruction, private e-mail support and more!

Click below for free test sample questions:

FREE NNAT Test Sample Questions
FREE WISC Test Sample Questions
FREE WPPSI Test Sample Questions
FREE CCAT Test Sample Questions
FREE ITBS Test Sample Questions
FREE OLSAT Test Sample Questions
FREE SCAT Sample Questions

Laptop Computer

I really love that there are 3 very different membership options. Honestly I think at the very least every homeschooling family should be a part of the Fast Track Membership and it’s absolutely a great option for all families regardless of your child’s learning situation. Being able to narrow options down by not only test prep but also by readiness skills is so vital. The Ace the Test Membership and the V.I.P. Membership both are far more affordable than private or group tutoring and offer an incredible amount of personal guidance!

What is your child struggling with in school? Let me know what you think about TestingMom once you’ve started your free trial!

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  1. Leticia Nobell says:

    My experience with TestingMom: Impossible to cancel your membership when you want to!!!!! I’ve cancelled my membership 3 times over the phone and they continue to charge your card! Customer service is ok, but the hard part is to stop paying the recurring payment!s!!

  2. The worst website! It was difficult to maneuver & everything I clicked on took me to another site that I had to request access for & wait days to receive. Then I find out that site is useless for what I need! They auto renew your membership which I don’t even remember seeing that anywhere. They automatically opt for you to NOT get a reminder (extremely shady). Then I see the charge pending on my credit card the same day they charged it, for the next 3 months & they refuse to refund it! I haven’t used the site in 2 months & won’t be using it for the future charge that they charged me! What reputable company would do that?! None! They only care about making money, not helping people.

  3. Christina Baker says:

    This company’s understanding of “grade equivalent” is erroneous. There are many claims this company makes which reveals that it has little understanding of statistical concepts. Not to mention that it undermines the validity of standardized tests which are meant to provide the examinee with novel tasks. As a result, cognitive and achievement scores would likely be inflated and not a true estimate of the examinee’s ability.

  4. I used the website membership for 3 months from Oct to Dec for my daughter’s G&T exam. After that, I clicked the cancel my membership button on their website and thought it’s all set. I was billed for $43 for the next membership fee on Mar 10, then I found it on Mar 11 and went to the website to check what’s going on. It turned out after clicking the cancel my membership button, there’s a website with a lot of information. I have to click some small words on the bottom of the website to finally cancel the membership. I called their customer service, they refused to refund the fee of their membership which I haven’t used for 4 months and won’t use it in the future. I hope others can see this review and avoid this kind of trick.

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