Super Easy Spiral Snake Craft

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This has got to be one of the simplest crafts I know on how to make your own snake! All you need is paper, something to color with, and scissors! As you can see below we used construction paper, but you can use any type of paper. Draw a spiral on your paper- this is wear you will be cutting later.


 Let the kids colors & decorate their own snake! Since we have younger kids I just let them use crayons. If you are up for a bit more of a mess you can let them use markers, glitter, even stickers! (I should have let them use stickers- I just thought of it!!) Even the youngest children can have their own snakes!
When the children are done decorating their papers, use your scissors to cut along the spiral line you drew earlier. You’ll have to cut the excess paper off of the tail. Look at my cut up spiral below. This spiral transforms into a snake when it is picked up! You can use googly eyes for the snakes eyes if you want instead of drawing them on. I chose not to because oddly enough my 1 year old actually eats the eyes off of all dolls and crafts in my house!
Hang your snake for all to see! We hung ours in our living room! 🙂 You can poke a hole in one end and put string or floss through it to hang it better. I was afraid that the little ones would rip it out so I didn’t do this step.


Want to make it a little more educational? Consider learning about different species of snakes- or even venomous vs. non-venomous snakes and let them make their snakes look like the different species. (colors, triangle heads, fangs, etc.)

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