Step2 Simmer and Serve Kitchen Review

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This is Step2’s Simmer and Serve Kitchen is SO much fun and really durable! We received it to help Step2 out with their Big Imaginations Contest and my kids have been enjoying it! (Make sure you enter- they have great prizes!) Yes, even though it’s pink and I have two boys. 🙂 This really is a great kitchen set and a great size – it fits just about everywhere in my house and does not take up a lot of room.
It only took my husband a few minutes to put it together as it came mostly in one large piece.


It comes with 22 accessory which I was very fond of! These are nice play kitchen accessories, not cheapy extras! My kids especially loved the salt and pepper shaker set which has gotten a lot of use in our house already! Evidently everything needs salt and pepper! 🙂


I love that this kitchen set offers a decent amount of storage space for it’s size. That is always a huge plus for parents!  There is a smaller silverware drawer that pulls out and holds all of the silverware pieces. Both pots can be nicely stored on top of the stove, and there is a specific location for the play phone to go. I spent a lot of time last year looking at play kitchens and a lot of them don’t have much storage on them. This one does.


There are small shelves for the cups and plates, as well as sliding baskets which are included with the play kitchen to store extra food in. Below you can see there is a microwave (which my kids kept putting the phone in!!) and somewhere to hang the cooking utensils.



The stickers included to decorate this kitchen with are really very nice and add a pretty touch to the kitchen. I always love the windows looking out of the kitchen!


Watching especially my youngest son (who is 2 years old) play with this kitchen was really a lot of fun for me. I have never seen him involved in so much creative play before. And he was quite picky too! He immediately went over and “washed” his hands, called grandma on the phone, cooked some food on the phone and then dumped large amounts of “salt” and “pepper” on it!! I couldn’t believe how particular he was in making his imaginary food!! It was amazing!


After doing oodles of research on play kitchens, although this is pink, I really liked this play kitchen a lot. It is a fantastic size for small places yet has plenty of room for at least 2 kids to play side by side and share. I like that the kitchen is taller than my kids too so they can physically reach up to play with it – it makes it more realistic.
As a parent to a child with many toys I really appreciate the storage drawers, baskets, and shelves for all of the pieces to go! It was very quick to set up which was another huge plus. Some play kitchens literally take hours to put together (I have personal experience on this!!). It is also very affordable (under $80) where play kitchens are concerned. If you are looking for a play kitchen this one is really a great choice!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received it in exchange for help with Step 2’s Big Imaginations Contest. All opinions are my own.

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    So cute. I just bought this today based on your review.

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