Educational Gifts on Amazon UNDER $10!

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With the holidays approaching I am on the lookout for good sales! And of course, I will be promoting more educational ones for our kids, but trying to find the best deal on everything overall. Last year most of my Christmas shopping was done on Amazon since I can easily have the gifts shipped to other friends and family without paying the exuberant shipping fees at the post office! So here are some fun and neat educational ideas I found- all on sale- on Amazon.
Hexbug Nano – ONLY $6.64!!!
Brush Robot $9.78
Break Your Own Geode $10.03 (ok- 3 cents over but I LOVE these!)

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  1. Diane and Chad says:

    How about a fun book for parents…throw this little book in their stockings? "How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths"

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