Dunecraft Hydroponic Fly Traps Review

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 Another fabulous company that I met at Toy Fair in NYC this year was Dunecraft and I fell in love! Dunecraft has all sorts of amazing grow your own plants & veggies kits! And I do mean ALL sorts of them! And I’m not just talking about your typical tomato plant or wildflowers (they have those too!) but I’m talking your exotic ones like cattails, carnivorous plants, catcus and more! They sent us the Hydroponic Fly Traps to check out which I was SO excited for because not only had I never grown anything hydroponically but I was quite enthralled with the idea of growing Venus Fly Traps from seeds!!

Everything we needed (except for the distilled water which we bought at Walmart) came in the Hydroponic Fly Traps kit. It came with the dome, the hydro-pump and rack, 4 rock wool cubes, the Fly Trap seeds, 2 bags of nutrients with scoop and fun stickers to decorate our dome with!

 Set up was really simple.We soaked our rock wool cubes overnight in distilled water, rinsed them, then placed one rock wool cube into each “basket”. Then we placed the fly trap seeds into each one. We covered our dome with the lid and left it in a sunny window for about 4 weeks or so until it started sprouting.  Once it started sprouting we were able to move to the next step. We placed distilled water in the base of our dome container and mixed in the nutrient packets as per instructions that came with the kit.

 In case anyone was just as curious as I was below you can see the Fly Trap seeds – they are T.I.N.Y.!!!

 Our family focus this spring is centered around gardening and planting new things to grow. It’s an incredible hands-on learning experience for kids and that’s why I love Dunecraft so much! As a kid I LOVED bring my own things to “life” through growing kits and such and Dunecraft certainly has quite a variety to offer – I’m amazed at how many different things there are! You can even buy themed planting kits like fairies and dinosaurs!

 One thing I will note about this kit is that as you can see it is NOT your typical “plant a seed and see a sprout a few days later”. Ours sat for about a month before we saw any sprouts so make sure if you are planting these with your kids they understand it will take a while before they see anything. My kids, however, would check on their plants every single day while we were waiting for sprouts.

Once your Fly Traps begin to sprout and you have set up your nutrient water in the base you will have to aerate the water once or twice a day with the hydro-pump that is included in the kit. This is a fun hands-on thing for the kids to do as they are taking care of their plants! Even now I don’t have fully grown pictures to show you as our sprouts are just starting to pop up.
After about 7 weeks or so we began to see our little sprouts popping up and unfortunately I forgot to care for them for 3-4 days and they began to shrivel!! 🙁 It was completely my fault that I killed our fly traps! I was bummed out but they DO grow – just don’t forget to water them!! 🙂 This is a very involved kit – you do have to take constant care of it to get these little guys to grow!
Make sure to check out Dunecraft and see all of the great kits they have to offer! Looking through their catalog my husband & I were both practically drooling at all of the awesome kits – we knew our kids (as well as us!) would love them all! I can just imagine my house full of Dunecraft kits in every window!! They have great prices and everything is included with each one (minus the water!)!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received the above product in order to use and form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Heather McD says:

    That looks like fun and very unique. Thanks for the review. I am going to go check out all the Dunecraft kits.

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun, wish I had more time… I guess I just have to make it, time that is, lol.

  3. Kristen Jeffery says:

    Oh that looks awesome!

  4. Mellissa Hanks says:

    My son would LOVE to try this :O)

  5. This looks so awesome! What a great product review!

  6. 6 months have past…

    Did this fail to grow?

    They state 1 to 3 months to see something… what’s your take

    1. I would definitely agree on the 1 to 3 months to grow! I think we started seeing something around 7 weeks. We had one growing nicely until I forgot to water it for a few days (:/) and it got dry and shriveled up. That was completely my fault! 🙁 We want to order more seeds to keep up with it again but just recently moved and I haven’t gotten around to ordering yet!

  7. I have that same kit and I just planted them,I hope I don’t kill them.I’m just a 9 year old kid!

  8. Venus Fly Traps take at the very least three years to reach maturity. For the first two years they will be no larger than the nail on your pinkie finger – and that’s not the traps, that’s the WHOLE PLANT. They’re indescribably tiny and best viewed with a magnifying glass. Seriously.

    I understand the attraction of growing these plants from seed but you will need a LOT of patience and a lot of luck to get a decent-sized plant out of these kits. Especially when you can go to any nursery or home improvement store and pick up a fully grown specimen for less than five dollars!

    A lot of people end up sorely disappointed with these kits because they don’t know the time investment required. That, and often the seeds completely fail to germinate because Venus Fly Trap seeds lose their viability after a few months. Also, growing these plants hydroponically long-term isn’t something most growers would recommend, they do better in a proper medium like peat moss.

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