Donors Choose Link-Up “Make a Difference Monday”

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Donors Choose – Make a Difference Monday

UPDATE: Through April 30, use code SHOUT to double your donation and make an even bigger difference at Donors Choose!

I’ve teamed up with my good friend at Fun Finds for Families to bring you Make a Difference Monday, a weekly link-up featuring classroom projects at Donors Choose, in the hopes that together we can help some students out.

Sometimes these classes just need help with the basics. Sometimes they’re dreaming even bigger.

Each week we’ll feature a few current classroom projects on Donors Choose. Then we’ll offer the opportunity for you to share YOUR projects below so that everyone can see what your students are working on!

You don’t need to be a teacher to participate, either. Submit your own child’s classroom project or just one that inspires you.

And if you happen across one project that speaks to you more than others? Well, maybe we can get a project or two funded!

Here’s how Donors Choose works:

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Donors Choose. Then you browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, Donors Choose will deliver the materials to the school.

The Donors Choose projects

An Android Tablet Is How I Learn – Mason City, IA

From the description:

So often, materials that are appropriate for older students, such as paper and pencils, are not appropriate for students with significant needs. Using a tablet will allow students to access materials that would otherwise be out of their reach.

My students have significant cognitive and physical disabilities but that doesn’t answer “who they are”. They are funny, smart, ambitious, hard-working, caring people. They attend a public K-4 school with their neighborhood friends. My students like to spend time with their friends in their homerooms, at lunch, at recess and in their classes.

Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship Library – Silver Spring, MD

From the description:

Did you ever want to start a business? Balance your checkbook? File your taxes? Or buy a home? I have collected a number of free materials from different organizations to help students answer these questions about entrepreneurship, personal finance and economics. But we need a place to store them!

My students are incredibly talented and work hard to be successful in their academic efforts. Over 40 percent of our students are on free and reduced meal (FARMs) plans. At some point in their academic careers, more than 70 percent of them have been on a similar FARMs meal plan. Many come from difficult family situations and school is the bedrock constant in their lives, an escape from what is going on at home.

First Grade Fun – Arden, NC

From the description: As the year winds down, I would like to help my current 1st graders remember this wonderful school year. Together we will create the Memory Lane Activity Mats to share our favorite memories of the school year. We need End-of-Year Certificates and stickers to celebrate the end of the year. We also need a copy of Last Day Blues because on the first day of school I read First Day Jitters and this book is the sequel. To welcome my new 1st graders I would like new Book Buddy bags to safely transport their take home readers each week. I would also like to give them a Welcome To School bag with a sticker, pencil, and bracelet when they arrive on the first day of school. I know they will always remember these small gifts.

Your Donors Choose Projects

And now it’s your turn to share! Share a link to the Donors Choose projects that interest and inspire you. Include the project request, state and grade level.

Example: Solar Project Set – FL – 2nd Grade

Share with your friends!

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