Charlotte’s Web Spider Web Art Resist Painting – Word Web

Charlotte’s Web is a favorite children’s book in our household and this art resist painting project is great from STEM activities at home and in the classroom. Below we have several projects you can incorporate into your unit studies. Check out our Wilbur and Charlotte crafts here too!

paint art resist spider web activity

What I really love about these STEM activities below are that they also incorporating spelling, vocabulary, and other literacy projects!

Spider Web Paint Resist Canvas:

paint resist tape art

Materials Needed:

Painters Tape
Alphabet Stickers


1.Help your child come up with several words that describe themselves. Try words like smart, brave, strong, awesome, etc…

2. Next on a canvas of whatever size you like have your child press painters tape firmly all over to
create a spider web pattern like this one pictured above. Run your fingers over the edges of the tape to be sure it has adhered well.

3. Somewhere on the canvas within the web have your child spell out their chosen word(s) in alpha stickers, be sure to press them firmly into the canvas.

paint resist tape art

4. Dab all over with paint to cover the tape and let it dry completely.

paint resist tape art

5. Carefully remove tape to reveal your child’s word, this is a great project that they are able to keep and be inspired by.



Materials Needed:

white paper
white crayon
paint brushes
water color paint

coloring with white crayon on paper

Using your white crayon on white paper have your child draw or write messages on there! You can choose to write Charlotte’s Web vocabulary words, words of kindness, or draw characters from the book!

watercolor art writing craft project

Once you are done writing with your white crayon, then simply use your watercolor paint to “paint” right over it! Watch as the message or picture “magically” appear!

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