A Pine Cone Adventure and a Rainbow Lesson

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My 4 year old and I went to our local park to feed the ducks this morning and noticed there were pine cones EVERYWHERE! SO when evening came around we grabbed our lanterns and flashlights, some baskets and buckets, and went on a pine cone hunt!!
Do you think we got enough? 🙂 We filled our trunk with pine cones and headed home! There are SO many things you can do with them (I’ll be making a list later) but for tonight we just wanted a simple craft that we could do quickly before bedtime.

So we made “rainbow pine cones”! An easy peasy craft for little tots. Just grab a pine cone, some craft foam or construction paper and you’re ready! We used craft foam and I cut out large triangular shaped pieces – all colors from the rainbow. The kids folded their foam pieces in half and then we placed the colors in the order of the rainbow into our pine cones. Later when the kids were done I went back and glued the pieces in. That’s it! A mess-free activity for the youngest of hands mixed in with a mini-science lesson too!

If you’re up for a messy activity you can pour out paint colors that you find in the rainbow and let your little ones paint their pine cones!

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