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I have been asked by the Box Tops for Education crew at General Mills to participate in an amazing opportunity! They have asked me to write a special article for their Box Tops e-newsletter coming out in August!! I am SO excited! Their newsletter goes out to more than 4 MILLION schools, coordinators, parents, educators, and more!

That is a mind-blowing amount of people!Are you signed up for their e-newsletter? If not I encourage you to do so! Not only will you get to check out my article next month, but you can stay up to date with the latest Box Tops news and ideas for raising more money for your school!

I’m so nervous but incredibly honored that they asked me to participate!! AND if that weren’t exciting enough I just talked to the Box Tops coordinator at my husband’s school who was looking for some extra help and once we get all of the paperwork transferred over I will be our local school’s official Box Tops coordinator! I am SO excited to have the opportunity to help support the school and make a difference!
Don’t have time to volunteer at your local school? It’s SO easy to save your box tops found on participating products, cut them off, and hand them over to the school! The school will receive 10 cents for each box top collected. It may not sound like much but at the end of the year it can add up to thousands of dollars!
If you don’t already donate your Box Tops to a local school consider sending them to me and I will make sure they find a good home! You can click HERE to learn more! If your school participates in Box Tops I would LOVE to hear your ideas as I now have some very exciting events to plan at my husband’s school now!!

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  1. Spoiled...but Not Rotten says:

    Congratulations! I know your article will be great and I look forward to reading it!

  2. Where I teach, we have monthly boxtops contests, sometimes between grades, sometimes a winning class in each grade, sometimes each top is one entry into prize drawing. Winning rewards are often a free recess, a quick popcorn party from PTA, a Boxtops disco, etc. always quick and inexpensive (Boxtops is part pf PTA at my school). My daughter rations our large collection out when she guesses how many her class needs to win toward month end. Her class always beats mine with "my" boxtops. A student favorite is if they get to do something with or to their teacher or an administrator-the winners in May got to throw Cool Whip pies at principal.

    One of a former coordinator's awesome ideas was that she made an envelope for every student , put some reminders/guidelines on it, added a small magnet strip and sent home. I have had mine on my fridge for over 5 years now.

  3. pennavenuegirls says:

    Wow! Congratulations!! Box Tops contacted me about a month ago about our schools "Traveling Trophy" and they are going to use a picture of it in the new Coordinator Kits next month!! I'm very honored and can't wait to see it as well as your article!

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