Today in History- February 3

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“Today in History- February 3”

1690- 1st paper money in America issued

1821- birth of Elizabeth Blackwell- 1st female physician in the US

1876- Alex Spalding manufacturers the 1st official baseball, basketball, tennis ball, golf ball, and football

1882- P.T. Barnum buys his world famous elephant Jumbo

1894- birth of Normal Rockwell

1919- 1st meeting of the League of Nations
1924- President Woodrow Wilson dies
1941- Supreme Court upholds Federal Wage & Hour Law
1953- Jacques Cousteau publishes his last book The Silent World
1966- 1st operational weather satellite launched (US)
1986- the Pope meets Mother Teresa


1994- 1st time a woman astronaut pilots a spaceship (Discovery)
2009- J.K. Rowling is made knight of Legion d’Honneur (France’s highest civilian award)

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