Simple Steps on How to Promote Education at Home

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Promoting education at home doesn’t have to be boring, time consuming, or difficult. There are so many simple ways that you can open up your child’s world and promote educational opportunities without much effort! You don’t have to be a homeschooling family to teach your children things at home either! Here are a few simple suggestions that we strive to provide our children with in our pursuit for educational promotion in our home.

Educational Books – Buy books that are of good value and that your children can learn from.

Educational Games– Instead of buying a random game at the store, try to purchase games that help with fine motor skills, counting, matching, strategy, etc.

Educational Videos– It is so easy to shape what types of show your little ones like. Instead of letting them watch random children’s videos- choose educational ones instead (Diego, Sesame Street, etc.)

Educational Toys– This doesn’t mean that every toy has to sing the alphabet or count its numbers. But we choose to invest in building kits and other toys that will provoke imaginative play or exploration. We have a play kitchen with food, and a whole bunch of bug containers and nets. It gives our children the path to developing their own exploration and brings out their creativity.


Field Trips– Ok, we don’t actually call them field trips, but take your kids on a learning adventure! Whether it’s a zoo, children’s museum, or simply a nature trail- family outings are always full of fun and learning! Point out the little things such as seeds falling from a tree, or a lizard sitting on the sidewalk.


Family Activities– Plan a family activity that will promote your child’s creativity or educational interest. Plant a garden together, paint on canvas or paper, let your child help you fix the car, stop a leak, or change the batteries in a remote. Not only will they feel like a special helper but it gives them something intriguing to learn about.


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    great ideas. there are also a lot of educational websites with learning games that teach logic and math and spelling and more!

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