Tips on How to Survive the Rest of the School Year

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With the end of the school year coming REALLY soon I feel like the franticness is just reaching the brink of my schedule! From baseball practices & games to end of the school year events, summer excitement brewing, graduations, and anything else you care to add into the mix – we are getting very busy and ancy! I don’t know what it is about spring time and the end of the school year but I literally feel like I blink and it’s over! POOF!

Tips on how to Survive your School Year and Relax

If you follow my travel blog at all (Exploration America), or follow me on Facebook, then you know we’re prepping for the MOST EPIC summer adventure ever! A 7000 mile family road trip! CRUNCH TIME IS HERE! Do you have any idea how crazy it is to prep for that kind of a road trip at the end of the school year?! I’m nuts!

But you know what, I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way! In fact I don’t think I’ve met anyone who DOESN’T feel this way! So take a deep breath, and check out some of my tips below:

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Tips to Survive the Rest of the School Year:

  • Laugh a little! Whether you choose to make silly glasses out of Wikki Stix like we did this weekend or you just watch some funny videos on YouTube laughter goes a long way to brightening up your day!
  • Deal with the BIG problems, choose to overlook the small ones. Less problems = less stress!
  • Avoid the negative nellies. You don’t have time for that!
  • Work towards a fun reward. (maybe it’s a bonfire in the backyard, a mini-golf date with the kids, or shooting off Mentos & Diet Coke rockets on the playground!)
  • Focus on being positive to each and every single student at least once each day. It’s a good re-direction for you and will highly benefit your students as you finish out the school year.
  • Plan plan plan! (Make lists and check it often -they help me a lot and will keep you on track with getting things accomplished!)
  • Keep pushing – don’t underestimate your student’s excitement for the upcoming summer. Their extra energy and excitement can be steered into a beneficial direction.

  • Redirect their energy to useful activities and learning. (This is a BIG one that can make a huge difference! Kids can do big things!)
  • Incorporate MORE wiggle and chatting time. Incorporate more group projects. More moving, more socializing (of course all in a re-directed way!) will help ease everyone’s inability to sit still! Do a quick spring around the school property!
  • Look ahead – steer your student’s learning straight into next year! Encourage summer learning whether it’s through museum camps, book series to read, or hands on projects! My kids are creating pulley systems for their clubhouse!
  • Change your routine. It’s OK – I promise! Sometimes you just need things to run a little differently and a new change of pace helps.
  • Start cleaning now! Whether you’re house is a mess or your classroom has piled up organize 5 things each day through the end of the school year.
  • Take time for YOU! This is an important one because I find that I don’t feel I can have down time because there’s SO much to do. But it’s quite the opposite – I get less done if I don’t take a break for myself! Everyone needs down time to regroup their mental capacity and energy levels!
  • Look for local activities. Although you’re busy having family fun time is very important! Check your local town or city for upcoming festivals, bullfrog races, bird round ups, fishing outings, or other low-stress activities!
  • Take a walk. This one tip alone helps me to clear my thoughts, enjoy the warm sunshine, and just relax my worries! And oddly enough it gives me more energy to get home and kick things in high gear to be accomplished!

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