Sending Kids Off to College on a Budget

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I remember when I went off to college. I was SO absolutely PSYCHED! I could barely contain my eagerness as I checked on campus and ran off to meet my roommates and unpack. As a teenager I never once stopped to think about how much it cost to move onto campus. I’m not talking about college fees. I’m talking about the STUFF that I brought to college with me. Bed sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, shower caddies, trash cans, hangers, hampers, decorations, lamps, computer gear…..that stuff really adds up! And let me tell you – your college student may not ask for an egg crate mattress topper but get one anyway – it makes life so much nicer! Maybe some of you are in that boat this summer and putting together a list of things that you need to send with your new college student!

When I went to school ordering online wasn’t a really popular thing to do, but now it really makes life easier! Not only do you not have to pack it all and move it in, but you can order all of your bedding and supplies and ship it straight to your dorm room! Residence Hall Linens has some awesome choices and “all in one” Value Paks which include practically everything but the toothbrush and toothpaste! I absolutely LOVE their designs but they also have regular plain colors too for the guys who aren’t quite so fancy! Most everything I looked at included free shipping and there were even the “extras” like wall decor. Two things specifically stood out to me though. They have an awesome priced “allergen” pak to protect your more sensitive kids and there’s a whole section that’s made in the USA. So if you’ve got a kiddo heading off to college, trust me, you do NOT want to have to move all of their stuff in. It’s exhausting! Save yourself the trouble and just ship it all – trust me. Life is much simpler that way!

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