Save $$ – Make Your Own Taco Salad Shell

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A great way to save a little bit of money is to make your own taco salad shell. My favorite part of a taco salad is- yep, you guessed it, the shell! But have you seen the prices of taco shells at the grocery store? Yikes! So my husband found this super easy way to make your own taco shell- and it only takes 2 minutes!
All you need to do is take a flour tortilla and drape it over the bottom of a bowl turned upside down. Microwave it for 2 minutes till it’s nice and hard, then put your salad in! It was actually surprisingly delicious and a good frugal substitute for store-bought taco shells! I added the 2 pictures below so that you can see it really does stand all by itself. And it doesn’t break while you’re eating your salad either!


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