2nd Grade Classroom Butterfly Final Release

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Somehow in all of the excitement last week with our butterflies and my kids being sick, I completely forgot about letting you guys know how my husband’s 2nd grade class did with their butterfly release!! Because of school rules I unfortunately was extremely limited on my pictures I could share. (no photos of face w/out parental permission….)
It was, as usual in Florida, a hot sunny day- perfect for releasing butterflies! Several of the 2nd grade classrooms went outside to join the event. The kids loved it. In fact they were even finding other butterflies around campus and pointing them out along the way.


teacher opening bug hamper


A few of the butterflies decided to take their sweet time in coming out, so one of the teachers gently helped it out by coaxing the butterflies to the open top.
teacher releasing butterflies


My husband was able to get this shot (go honey!) of one of their Painted Lady butterflies after its release. It landed on a nearby pole and all the kids were able to gather around and watch it for a few moments before it took off again. You can see the probiscus out too! It must have been hungry looking for food!
painted lady butterfly
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