Save Five for School Fundraising Program by Land O Lakes – Select States

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While attending the Iowa State Fair I spotted this school fundraising program from Land O Lakes called Save Five for Schools! Essentially every Land O Lakes Milk, Orange Juice, and Chocolate Milk gallon will have “Save Five for Schools” stickers on the top of the caps. EACH cap is worth $.05. The downside is that you need a minimum of 2000 caps before you can send in your caps which is equal to $100. However you will receive your check within 4-6 weeks instead of needing to wait till a specific time of year which is nice. Enrollment is open to any K-12 private, public, or parochial school.

**The Save Five For Schools® Program is currently available only to schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

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    I did not know that they were going to stop doing the milk cap thing until I stopped seeing them on the milk cartons. I’ve been saving them for a while. Can they still be turned in at any school? Please let me know.
    I think that it is a good fundraising program. Thank you!!

  2. Do you know if land o lakes still does this program? I cannot find the website. Thank you!!

    1. I have many caps and not sure if still redeemable.

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