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Once upon a time I wrote about the reddit gifts Teacher Exchange program – did any of you participated in it? It’s an annual program where teachers can sign up and request supplies for their classrooms, and then people who want to give back to schools sign up to help supply those lists for the teachers. There is no minimum to the supplies that have to be listed or that are gifted by generous people.

It seems the official reddit Teacher Exchange program isn’t around anymore but they have an unofficial thread on the Teacher Exchange that is still going on each year and you can find that here!

If you’re not a teacher you can just buy some pencils for a classroom! Anything helps! Last year the program was able to supply almost $150,000 worth of supplies for classrooms so it’s definitely something to check out! There are TONS of other reddit exchange programs like bookmarks and more! Check out all the current reddit exchange programs here.

And if you’re NOT a teacher there are TONS of other reddit gifts programs you can participate in! From books to fidget spinners and puzzles – there’s truly something for everyone there! You can find more details at the redditgifts program page.

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