Random Obsessions: Trivia You Can’t Live Without Review

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Random Obsessions
Trivia You Can’t Live Without
by Nick Belardes
I thought that this would be a great book to review in conclusion of our HISTORY month here on Surviving a Teachers Salary! Random Obsessions: Trivia You Can’t Live Without has certainly lived up to my expectations! This book has shown me a deeper appreciation for many things that I never stopped to think about. The author certainly has a way to bring out the strangness of past existence and many oddities along the way. This is one of those books that you love just picking up and flipping through the pages- always finding some unique piece of information to pass along to someone else you meet that day!
Some of the trivia is astounding, and others leave you wondering if it is really true. There is so much about history (and even modern day) that we don’t even know! Just look at the maps from the 16th century till now- it’s always changing! Does any one person really know exactly where all the borders in the world are placed? What about Tecumseh’s death in 1812? The Native American tribes were at a very important time in US history- and yet no one can seem to agree on how he died or who killed him!
You’ll learn more about 2 military men who deserted the Japanese army and went in hiding for over 60 years, the Egyptian theme which lays amongst our capital, the strange smoke in Roanoke, and tidbits about anything from puzzling ailments to dinosaurs! What about the live mosquitoes lost en route from London’s Natural History Museum?
My favorite part of the book? ODD OCCUPATIONS! Yep- how would you like to be a dog treat taster? Or maybe a Fortune Cookie Fortune writer? A golf ball diver….a sheepskin factory worker…a salmon stunner….and many more interesting occupations can by found in this book!!
There are sections for odd trivia about movies, authors, art, even cannibals and weird places on Earth! I definitely recomend this book for anyone who enjoys the odd trivia! It is guaranteed to give you an interesting read and “wow” your friends with odd tidbits!
Leave it in the bathroom, sneak it in your office drawer, take it on an airplane- wherever you find the need for an interesting quirk of information- this book will certainly never let you down!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a book to read.

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