Don’t Forget to VOTE for YOUR HERO in the Murphy Goode Contest

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VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! It’s that time!

Just a friendly reminder!! Don’t forget to vote for YOUR HERO (or someone else’s!) in the Murphy Goode A Few Goode Heroes Contest! You can  BEGIN VOTING on May 12-19!! Although we probably all know heroes in our life mine is my middle science teacher! She was amazing at captivating everyone’s interest with exciting hands-on projects and experiments throughout the class. As we broke up in groups during the year each group had a different variable in which we could as a class hypothesize how each experiment would turn out and compare each groups to the others! 

So what are the prizes?! (Because everyone always wants to know what the prizes are!) Each month a “hero” will receive a $500 donation to a favorite charity as well as receive a matching donation to Operation Homefront. PLUS one grand prize hero will win a 4th of July BBQ for their hometown! How cool is that!? What an awesome prize! So make sure you honor your hero and enter them in the contest for their chance to win and definitely don’t forget to VOTE for them! If you didn’t get a chance to submit a hero for whatever reason I highly recommend at least glancing through the entries and voting on one of your favorites!! There are so many good ones in there!

And once you VOTE don’t forget to check out Murphy-Goode on Facebook!

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