Printable Checklists for Kids & Families

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Printable How to Get Ungrounded

Over the past several years COIT has published several free printable checklists for kids and parents that you can use as a tool in teaching responsibility for chores, earning allowance, etc. Or you can even use it as a guideline to create your own system that works for your family! If there’s something that you want to add to the list that’s not there you can just write it in at the bottom of the page! Now they have a printable “How to Get Ungrounded” list which prompts kids to earn points by doing various chores and jobs to earn back their privileges! It’s an interesting way to have kids take responsibility for their choices and contribute to the family over and beyond what is already expected of them. Not all of the options will work for every family but it’s a good place to start.

Printable How to Get Ungrounded Checklist for Families

You’ll find categories like outdoors, home, pets, school – and even broken down by rooms like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Make sure you look around on this page for their other printable checklists!

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