Picking up Things on the Go While Traveling

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I am a SUPER packer – not kidding! As a budget savvy traveler (since that’s the only way we can travel!) I pre-plan my packing list literally weeks in advance and begin packing to prevent from forgetting anything. Just ask my husband – we are really a quite prepared family when we hit the road for a road trip! (You would think that one of these days I would make a master list though!) But it’s inevitable that I always NEED something, or simply want to stop somewhere for a “one stop shop” that’s quick to get in and out of but has a variety of products to pick up, such as CVS!

For this trip – it was Pepto for my son’s reflux and some sore throat lozenges and allergy meds for me because evidently it’s allergy season everywhere we’re traveling!! Our last trip – the kids came down with some nasty horrible stomach bug and were just puking ALL over the place – so we were in desperate need of disinfecting wipes, pedialyte, and a thermometer! I love stopping in CVS because it’s so much quicker to get in and out of than a larger retail store. Not only that but to be honest our trips are packed busy and I am usually too tired to make the mile long trek through huge parking lots and around mega stores! CVS pretty much always has whatever it is that we need – whether it’s medicine, toilet paper or paper plates for our camping trip, snacks like pretzels  or just little knick knack toys to keep the kids busy in the car!  And goodness knows I love their little machines in the store that print off coupons to save money while you’re there!

So next time you’re out traveling and realize that you forgot something, even if you’re an awesome packer like me, head over to your local CVS store for a quick in and out experience to get you on the road faster! PLUS don’t forget that if you get sick while you’re traveling and need to see a nurse or doctor make sure to check out where the local CVS Minute Clinic is – it has saved us so much time and frustration in the past when we’ve come down with illnesses while on the road!

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