New Year’s Resolution for your Student’s Education!!

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New Year’s Resolution for your student’s education!!


Be active in the work your child brings home.
They should bring home 2-3 things per week graded!


Encourage and help complete homework. It is not
just for extra practice. I know some students who don’t quite get it at school
can benefit from 10 minutes of extra help (If you know how, IE, can’t expect
each parent to know calculus!!)


Contact your child’s teacher every two weeks to
check up on things they can work on or are learning to help reinforce their


Be involved with after school specials,
meetings, PTA, SAC, etc. (If not, find a way to support a meeting by providing
a light snack, case of water)


5.       Consider
volunteering at your child’s school to read to students. Some students may only
have you as a personal reading opportunity ever in a week or month.

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    Great advice!

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