Our NEW Hanging Chairs from IKEA!

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If you were on my Facebook page last night you may have joined in the conversation about the awesome deal I found on IKEA’s Ekorre Silver Swings! They are being discontinued (and no longer on IKEA’s website) and we found them for $24.99 at our local IKEA!! It is supposed to have a large inflatable pillow inside so that you can actually sit in it like a chair but ours just came with the hanging seat part. For right now I actually like it better without the inflatable pillow because our kids can “hide” in their hanging swings and they are deeper in the sack so they can’t fall out. 
We (by we I mean my husband!) installed the swings while the boys were sleeping last night. So at 6:40 this morning we here the boys having a BLAST together swinging in their seats and pushing each other. An hour later we finally rolled out of bed and the kids were STILL in their swinging seats – it was SOOOO cute! 

For under $60 we bought 2 swinging seats with all of the hardware needed to bolt it into the ceiling – 100% worth it! Especially when we are “technically” using this as an extra help for my oldest son since we can no longer afford his occupational therapy. 

The boys even watched TV this morning hanging in their seats! Looks like we have our couch back now! 🙂

– I totally wish I was cool enough to have these as a kid!! 🙂 Actually these silver swinging chairs hold up to 220 lbs. so my husband and I can actually use them too, but I’m petrified I’ll make the ceiling fall in so I don’t think I’ll be using them anytime soon! 

And if having awesome swinging chairs weren’t enough we also bought 2 indoor swings that were being discontinued in the same Ekorre line. We paid $14.99 for each of these and bolted them into one of the entrances to our living room. Our house felt better than Christmas this morning! All the laughs, giggles, and excitements that came from our living room was enough to make two big sleepyheads get out of bed!! 

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  1. Penniless Teacher says:

    Wow! What fun….I'm coming to your house to play.

  2. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    Looks like fun!

    I know you guys are diligent and careful with your kids, but just be careful with things/ropes hanging from the ceiling. They can be a strangulation hazard.

    I'm really paranoid about those things…

  3. The Teachers Wife says:

    Thanks Jennifer! I am super paranoid about it too! That's why I wouldnt let hubby put it in their bedroom 🙂 !! I had it put in the living room so *hopefully* I can keep an eye on things!!

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