A New Year Means a New Perspective

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Believe it or not YOU determine your outlook on life. Yep – sounds easy right? Wrong! It IS hard to be happy-go-lucky when so many things in life are stressful! But for us – a new year means a new perspective! We are determined to make it a good year – no matter what! Last year was a horribly tough year for us – we miscarried on the first day of the year, which was then followed by all sorts of illnesses for everyone in the family throughout the entire year as well as my husband’s grandpa passing a few months ago. It was pretty crazy ridiculous year really! So this year, we are starting off the year (relatively) healthy! We are determined to focus on our family more and worry less. Finances are always a struggle, politics at work and school are always a struggle, but at the end of the day we have a strong and healthy family that we want to build memories with.
If you think you’re too busy – start small. Set aside one night every week where there is no computer, no electronics, etc. and go out hiking, geocaching, walking, feeding ducks, family game night, build a treehouse/fort, etc. Do something “outside” of your normal everyday routine. If you’re single take a little time for you and branch out a bit. Check out some new books at the library, take a class, volunteer somewhere. As a mom I am SO busy taking care of everyone else and blogging that I rarely have time for me. So this year not only am I going to BlogHer again but I am also going to the Toy Fair (both in New York City – my first time there!) as well as a hopefully taking a nice family vacation this summer to see family and friends. Make sure you’re not so busy taking care of everyone else and running around doing so many errands that you forget about your dreams!
Tonight our family is going hiking in the “swamp” and geocaching. The boys can’t wait to go “treasure hunting”! Not only do we have fun together and teach our kids teamwork to find the hidden boxes but we are also getting excercise! Alright – that’s the end of my little motivational pep talk! 🙂 What are your goals and dreams for this year?

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